The Rise Of Digital Nomad Life Has Created New Communities Globally

The Rise Of Digital Nomad Life Has Created New Communities Globally

Social interaction through community helps us regulate the nervous system, which is especially important during times of global uncertainty


This Blockchain-based Messaging App Is Providing Real Data Privacy

Wispr stands out from competitors thanks to blockchain technology, which provides a censorship-resistant and fully transparent messaging app

Stability In a Volatile World: How This Crypto Exchange Is Helping Its Users Navigate the Bear Market

Phemex offers its users world-class security, growing from a small derivatives trading platform to one of the most popular and lauded cryptocurrency exchanges in the world

What Is True DeFi And Why Do We Not Use It Currently?

Despite the obvious advantages of DeFi, hundreds of thousands of crypto users still use centralized platforms that are managed or controlled by a central entity

News & Trends

Papa John's Founder Slammed for Cable News Comments on Hurricane Ian: 'I Lost a Home'

John Schnatter, the ousted CEO of the pizza chain, appeared on a news segment to talk about the devastation in Southwest Florida.

Avoiding Court Battle, Elon Musk Breaks Silence on Potential Purchase of Twitter

Musk and Twitter were set to face off in court later this month because of Musk's attempt to back out of his bid to purchase the company.

Starting a Business

I Started 2 Companies During Recessions: Here Are 4 Tips For Scaling Your Startup During a Downturn

Successful startups are product-led, customer-focused, scrappy and super-competitive. Nothing gets you there faster than building in a downturn. I've done it.

Free Webinar | September 13: How To Build A Billion-Dollar Business

How do you build a billion-dollar business? Register now for this free webinar and learn from Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman →

How to Know If You Need Funding (and How to Get It)

Here's how to get access to the capital you need.

Growth Strategies

Can't Afford to Hire Great Talent? No Problem — Do This Instead

From more vacation days to less meetings, there are lots of non-financial perks companies can offer to star candidates.

This Couple Created "HairBnb" for Salons. Now It's in 900 Cities.

ShearShare is helping 40,000 hair professionals and businesses across the country play musical barber chairs.

"Quitting Is A Virtue": Why This Decision-Making Expert Says That Quitting Can Be A Growth Strategy

Quitting is often perceived as failing, but Annie Duke says it can be the most useful tool you have.


4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Customer Experience in The Metaverse

As well as providing customers with an immersive experience, businesses can use the metaverse to take them on a truly personal journey.

Save a Bundle on Cloud Storage Now with This Exclusive Deal You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Prism Drive gives you lifetime access to up to 10TB of storage for a miniscule price.

3 Smart Ways the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Are Using Tech to Empower Their Businesses

Experts reveal how new startups are reaching a global network of investors.