Survey Finds Cannabis Users Are Educated, Fit, Sociable and Surprisingly Republican

The most remarkable thing about people who imbibe marijuana is how little different they are from people who don't.

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A new poll finds that those who use marijuana have more college education than those who don’t, as well as more active social lives and a fitness regime somewhat more fequent than non-users.

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It also found that they are, believe it or not, often Republican.

Almost 74 percent of Republicans in the recent survey, conducted by market researcher PSB for  Civilized, said they thought legalization of marijuana for either medical or recreational use is a “good idea.”

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“This stat may be something Republican politicians may want to consider as we head into the 2018 mid-terms,” the pro-marijuana website said in a news release about the survey.

Vast Majority Favor Legalization

The survey, which questioned 1,600 North American adults, offered up some interesting results about views on marijuana, cannabis use and the education of marijuana users. They include:

  • 22 percent of those in the United States and 18 percent of Canadians said they use marijuana regularly
  • A whopping 80 percent said they support legalization of marijuana for some combination of medical or recreational use
  • 45 percent of Americans would like marijuana legalized at the federal level
  • 36 percent of marijuana users had some level of college education, compared to 30 percent of non-users

Getting Out More

Despite the stereotype of marijuana users sitting inside watching TV, the survey found that those who use marijuana reported getting out more than those who don’t. Civilized reported that those who partake of marijuana were more likely to have done something social in the last month, such as attend a sporting event or go to a concert.

They also work out. As has been explained by those who founded the 420 Games -- an annual event held in many cities around the country that promotes marijuana legalization and active lifestyles -- those who use marijuana are not all couch potatoes.

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The survey found that 28 percent of those in America who use marijuana reported working out an average of one to two times a week, while 22 percent of non-users reported doing so. In Canada, 33 percent of users said they worked out once or twice a week and 29 percent of non-users.

Also, 36 percent of users reported working out three to five times a week in America, compared to 34 percent of non-users. Those numbers were 30 percent and 26 percent, respectively, in Canada.

Marijuana seen as less harmful.

The survey also asked respondents to rank the harmfulness of certain substances. Cannabis ended up at the bottom of the list. Using responses for all of those surveyed, the ranking from most harmful to least harmful was as follows:

  • Opioids – 36 percent
  • Cocaine and methamphetamines – 26 percent
  • Tobacco – 17 percent
  • Hallucinogens – 11 percent
  • Alcohol – 8 percent
  • Cannabis – 2 percent

The survey also found most people still partake of marijuana by smoking a joint.

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