This Software Company is Happy to Leverage its Niche Services to Grow

The company does not believe in expansion only through scale

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Establishing a niche business has its own set of advantages. There isn’t any competition as such as the products and services are totally new to consumers.


But some entrepreneurs often fear that such a business might limit the potential customer base.

For Ranga Reddy, Co-founder and CEO of Maveric Systems, the idea was to stay relevant to customers by offering niche services and not by expansion through scale.

Chennai-based Maveric Systems is a leading software testing solutions provider to banking, insurance and telecommunications companies. The organization provides Quality Assurance Software Testing services across the globe.

In 2000, Ranga Reddy, P Venkatesh, NN Subramanian and VN Mahesh came together to build an organization that ensures transparency and is driven by people and relationships. The four put to use their 15 years of rich and extensive experience to recreate a college-like atmosphere in the company that will generate professional zeal among its employees. They will work to win the confidence of their customers.

“We zeroed in on ‘Maveric’(individualist) as the name for the organization to suit our radical approach. Such an approach worked and our company became an IT transformation specialist by changing the way 25 leading global banks operate. It soon established its brand value in the Middle East, UK, Europe, the US, and APAC countries,” said Reddy.

By 2013, the company had scaled its operations to a large extent and crossed the coveted 100-crore mark.

Why Is Software Testing Necessary?

Today, most companies do not pay much attention to the quality of software. Quality Assurance assumes great significance in this respect. The constantly evolving technology increases the criticality of assurance.

“Our company understands that in this age of advanced technology, development and Quality Assurance cannot exist in the exclusive silos they have been operating in so far. The market and consequently Maveric are fast moving towards a DevQA approach that, in fact, places Quality Assurance before development to ensure defect-prevention in all technology implementations,” Reddy explained.

When Work Culture Becomes A Master Plan For Growth

The company competes with global Tier-1 IT service providers that include the likes of Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Capgemini, and Accenture. The factor that gives Maveric an edge over its competitors and makes it stand out in the crowd is its dynamic work culture, stressed Reddy.

“Our work culture encourages adventure, learning and the ability to work in a matrix structure.  The company brings the energy of a 5-year-old to every project – the ability to learn, not be afraid to experiment and deliver with passion and zeal across all levels.  Maveric’s consulting mindset and background help build ownership and display commitment to clients to become a part of customer ecosystem,” said Reddy.

Taking Business to The Next Level

2018 will also see Maveric strengthening its business by investing in talent — both at the directorial level for guidance and strategy, as well as at the senior and middle-level to enhance competencies in Data, API, Middleware, Regulatory, Payments and Wealth management areas.

“The company’s 70 percent of customers are Tier-1 banks and 30 percent are regional leaders as opposed to the vice-versa a few years ago. The plan for the next year is to strengthen delivery infrastructure in Bengaluru, Mexico, Poland, Dallas, Singapore,” he concluded.