Dealing With a Bad Boss? Here's What You Can Do

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You all must have heard someone say in the corporate world that ‘The boss is always right!’. The quote is completely relatable to our real-life situations. Whether it’s your internship or full time job, getting along with your boss is one of the most important keys to career advancement. But when your supervisor is bad then you might have to deal with difficult situations every single day. Don’t forget, bad bosses don't just hamper your professional life, but your personal one too.


Entrepreneur India share few tips on dealing professionally with a bad boss:

Don’t Try to Recap the Situation:

The dysfunctional behavior of a boss does not only affect the employee’s career but also brings adversities for the organization. One can’t always redirect their boss’s attitude in a positive direction with empathy. Sudeep Singh, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at GoWork advises that one should definitely analyze the factors that drive their boss’ behavior.

“A managerial or senior title does not guarantee that your boss is flawless, as a human being we are bound to be imperfect. A witful conversation goes a long way, as at times, a bad boss may not be aware about being wrong. Do not be a whistleblower and never attempt to recap the situation. At the end of the day, do not let it affect your performance in order to stay ahead,” he said.

Identify Positive Character Traits:

You can't choose your boss, but you can choose how you react to a bad one. Rahul Agarwal, Executive Director, Wealth Discovery shared few tips to approach the situation with grace.

Firstly, identify faults within and rectify them, see if your behavior does not play a role in making the situation wore with the boss. Identify positive traits of your boss, things that he/she likes or dislikes and work around them. In any case, if the situation with the boss is progressively getting worse in spite of all your efforts then ask for a time to meet and discuss. In the meeting have an open discussion about the reasons of the discord and work out a plan,” said Agarwal

Dealing with an obstinate boss can be very hard at times Agarwal emphasized that one needs to be strong to handle the stress that ensues. “ At no point let the stress at work affect your professional and personal life and your physical wellbeing, it’s just not worth it,” he said.

Find a Mentor:

At some point in our lives we all come across those bosses who put the entire show on fire only making it more challenging for others.  Manoj Lekhi, Chief Belief Officer, Baggit feels the best way to deal with this situation is to stay calm and be extremely centered with team’s thoughts and goals.

“ If you are focused in what you believe and what you intend to achieve the mental trauma of handling a challenging boss can be dealt with rationally and smoothly. Don’t let it penetrate under your skin and toy with your self-esteem. Also, ensure that you discuss it with the HR team to try arriving at a solution. Try to find a mentor within your ecosystem to help you in sailing through these situations,” said Lekhi.