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Coming Soon to a Dispensary Near You: Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer

Parrotheads were pro-marijuana long before it was legal.

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In retrospect, it's obvious this was just a matter of time.

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Every so often, eyebrows are raised when a celebrity such as Olivia Newton-John or Joe Montana -- two people hardly associated with marijuana -- come out in favor of using it. Or when staunch anti-marijuana politicians suddenly flip in their opposition to legalized cannabis.

But Jimmy Buffett? That seems about right. Buffet recently announced he is partnering with Surterra Wellness to offer a new brand of marijuana known as Coral Reefer. That’s also the name of Buffett’s band.

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Buffett and marijuana

It’s hard to understate Buffett’s popularity, especially in Florida. In addition to the hit songs, he also is heavily involved in charity work, including the Save the Manatees Club and raising funds for hurricane victims. His song, “Fins,” is played at Miami Dolphins home games.

Anyone who has attended a Buffett concert is well aware that many of his fans, called Parrotheads, are strongly in the “yes” column when it comes to legalizing marijuana. Buffett himself also has advocated for legalization. He came out in support of the amendment legalizing medical marijuana when Florida voters considered it in 2016,  according to the Miami Herald. It won approval.

Buffett, based in Palm Beach, is known for his tropics-infused, laid-back musical style. His hits include “Margaritaville,” “Come Monday,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” and “A Pirate Looks at 40.” The latter includes the lyrics: “I’ve run my share of grass.”

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Coral Reefer Products

The Coral Reefer line of products will be available in 2019. Plans call for vape pens, lotions, edibles and gel caps. They will be marketed worldwide.

In a statement on the deal, Buffett said: “Finally, ‘the time has come,’ as the Walrus said. That time being the long overdue recognition of the numerous healing properties of cannabis.”

Buffett said he has followed with “keen interest” how medical marijuana has evolved. He said he has reached the “common-sense conclusion” that “cannabis is good medicine.”

Surterra Wellness is the largest medical marijuana company with a license to sell in Florida. The company currently has 10 locations in the Sunshine State, with more planned in other states in 2019.

Buffett is the second Florida-based notable to join Surterra. Beau Wrigley, former CEO of the chewing gum company, recently became a member of the company’s board of directors. His West Palm Beach-based investment company recently led a $65 million fundraising round for Surterra.

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