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Rapper Chris Webby Explains How Cannabis Fits Into the Routine of a Successful Entrepreneur

There is no contradiction between enjoying marijuana and building a busy, successful career.

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Rapper Chris Webby is famous for his long-winded odes to cannabis, and his frequent collaborations with uber-eminent weed-lovers like Cypress Hill’s B-Real. This guy is certainly not shy about making public his love for marijuana. In fact, it’s the opposite: he’s released several tracks singing praises to the herb, and numerous records featuring cannabis leaves on the cover.

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During a recent conversation about music and cannabis, Webby brought up his surprising success as an entrepreneur. “I run an independent business,” he said, unexpectedly. “I've remained independent throughout my entire career as a musician thus far.”

We needed to hear more about this.

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The Independent Route

“Taking the independent route can be very frustrating at times,” Webby told Green Entrepreneur. “You don't get a lot of the looks and recognition that you may deserve, but in the long run it tends to come to fruition.”

Webby didn’t want to deal with the “money” aspect of showbiz when he first got into rap. But, as time went by, he realized it was unavoidable. “One day, I realized I had made a bunch of money, but didn’t have any left… So I had to learn about business and restructure my operation. Of course I have a team now, but everything goes through me.

“I’m really learning that in this new landscape of the music industry, with streaming and all this new stuff that wasn't even around when I first started rapping… It's pretty lucrative if you're doing it right. If you have a fan base, there's a lot of ways to make a lot of money,” he added. “This goes to show that you don't necessarily need a record label. It's a new age, and with streaming, it's almost like a new gold rush.”

While explaining how he’d set up his company, and his different LLCs for his diverse streams of revenue, Webby paused for a second. It’s really important to diversify your revenue streams, he said, explaining that, for instance, money derived from merchandise sales should not be used to pay for stuff like an Uber.

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Reconciling the Canna- With the -Biz

How does a famous stoner like Webby get to write raps (approximately one per week), record, manage his tour dates and run EightyHD, his own record label, all while dealing with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?

It’s all about discipline, he explained. “I'm not one of those people who can smoke weed and be incredibly productive when it comes to business-related things. I can smoke weed and write music all day; those things go hand-in-hand. But, for me, staying on top of a To-Do list, returning calls, staying on top of numbers… That does not coincide well with marijuana. But this is just me: I know some people who can.”

In fact, Webby applies this same philosophy to performing live shows. The rapper never smokes marijuana before a show, he assured. As he clearly voices in his song, “Raw Thoughts,” music is a job. So, when people pay to see him perform, he likes to be sober. “Return customers are the key to my business,” he told Green Entrepreneur.

“Discipline is very important for people who want to be successful stoners. Each one has their own limits, and needs to know them and respect them,” he concluded.