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'Microdosing Moms' and 'Divorced Dads' Emerge Among Cannabis Consumers

Thanks to legalization and the ability to consume discretely by vaping or snacking on edibles, ever more adults are using cannabis.
'Microdosing Moms' and 'Divorced Dads' Emerge Among Cannabis Consumers
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According to a recent study out of New York University, Baby Boomers aged 50 to 64 are consuming a lot more weed than they used to last decade, with 9 percent of those surveyed disclosing marijuana use in the last year. The report made headlines across the world, as many were surprised to learn American grandparents are picking up the herb.

However, a new report by Green Market Report and Brightfield Group (sponsored by MedMen) highlights two other big groups of unexpected cannabis consumers: Divorced Dads and Microdosing Moms.

The people behind the report in question reviewed data from MedMen cannabis dispensaries sales in California, and discovered that, while marijuana use is still highest among men under the age of 40, demographics are changing fast. Here’s a quick snapshot of the main findings:

  • Roughly 42 percent of MedMen customers are aged of 21 to 31.
  • Adults aged 32 to 38 came in second, representing with 21 percent of customers.
  • Adults between the ages of 39 and 53 make up the third largest group of MedMen customers.
  • Approximately 14 percent of customers are aged 54 or more.

“Our personas were developed using a mixed-method approach of machine learning and cluster analysis supported by content and qualitative expertise applied with scrutiny,” said Director of Research Bethany Gomez. Other interesting groups identified by the report include Boomerangs (Baby Boomers who are returning to cannabis in their later years), and the Liberal Elite.

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Source: Brightfield Group

Adding to Gomez’s point, Green Market Report’s CEO Debra Borchardt said, “From the surveys conducted with these two profiles your selected, I found it particularly interesting that there was no real brand loyalty with Divorced Dads.”

“Microdosing Moms have an upbeat outlook and are more brand loyal,” she added. “This most likely accounts (or should) for why so many cannabis brands are trending toward targeting women in their advertising and marketing campaigns.”

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Divorced Dads

Here are some interesting stats on divorced men who  consume cannabis and have children:

  • 97 percent are white.
  • 47 percent are aged 57 to 79.
  • 25 percent are aged 46 to 55.
  • 41 percent are daily cannabis users
  • 33.3 percent use cannabis 2-4 days per week.
  • 78 percent are low-ticket buyers, spending less than $150 a month
  • Less than 4 percent spend more than $250 a month
  • Almost 3 out of every four Divorced Dads use cannabis to relax at home
  • Almost half of them use cannabis for home duties
  • And 44 percent use cannabis for outdoor activities

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Microdosing Moms

Many mothers with children at home said they regularly use cannabis in small doses -- less than 100 mg. Out of them:

  • Almost half are aged 21 to 35
  • 25 percent are aged 36 to 45
  • 24 percent are aged 46 to 79
  • 35 percent use cannabis daily
  • 21.5 percent only use cannabis a few times a year
  • 75 percent prefer to use cannabis while relaxing at home
  • 63 percent use it for home duties
  • 61 percent said they usually use it to treat anxiety
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