Utah State Senator Live Streams Taking Gummies for First Time

"I don't think there's a senator that's used marijuana," he says. Then he uses marijuana.


Just call him Jim "Dabbin" Dabakis.

A self-professed "marijuana virgin", the Utah State Senator traveled to Las Vegas last weekend to give weed a try firsthand. The road trip, which he streamed live on Facebook, was in response to Prop 2 -- a midterm ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Utah. Regardless of the outcome, the state legislature plans on holding a special session after the vote. 

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Dabakis's message to his colleagues and constituents is simple: Don't hate until you partake. And partake is what he did -- in the parking lot of what appears to be a NuLeaf dispensary. 

Wearing a Boston Red Sox t-shirt with a Starbucks sticker slapped on the front, Dabakis describes his conversation with a budtender in the store. "So the guy said, 'Take a half of one if you never tried it before and then wait an hour and a half see what happens," he says, before nibbling on the tangerine gummy like it's a sour patch candy, then popping it into his mouth.

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Unimpressed with the flavor, which he calls "bitter," the state senator told USA Today that he went on to sit by a pool presumably waiting for the drug to kick in. 

The video picks up back in Salt Lake City, where Dabakis has changed his clothes and perspective. "I wouldn't suggest shooting it up to anybody," he says," but I'll tell you I think it's a whole lot of ho-hum."

Sure, he felt a little high, but it didn't "change his life."

Many voters in Utah are hoping Dabakis deflowering will change the law. 

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