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5 Facts About the First-Ever Cannabis Speakeasy That Just Opened in Las Vegas

Here's what you need to know about the revolutionary Dana's Place.


In a burgeoning industry like cannabis, there’s something new happening all the time. Rarely, however, does that “something new” make us want to jump in a plane and head to Las Vegas.

Cannabiniers | Two Roots

Enter Dana’s Place, the world’s first-ever cannabis speakeasy, which opens today at the Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary located just 500 feet off the iconic Strip. The brainchild of cannabis-focused brand management company Cannabiniers, the hidden lounge’s old-school Vegas décor and art-deco style lighting evoke Prohibition-era speakeasies. “It’s got an underground feel that resonates with the days when alcohol was restricted under law,” says Kevin Love, Cannabier's director of product development. “This correlation is a perfect fit.”

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Here Love breaks down what you need to know about this revolutionary joint.

1. It’s an educational experience.

“Although cannabis is becoming more widely accepted, some consumers still look at our industry with weary eyes, making a speakeasy the ideal style for Dana’s Place. Placing a mystery around having a speakeasy in a dispensary draws in an audience who may not normally think to go to one, because of adverse preconceived notions that they aren't an inviting environment. It’s an educational experience that opens the opportunity to show how welcoming dispensaries truly are.”

2. It’s in the perfect location.

“Las Vegas attracts consumers from all over the world. Lucky for us, we opened Las Vegas ReLeaf in a conveniently located area for both visitors and residents that happens to be the perfect setting for a speakeasy-style bar. Additionally, Las Vegas is a city of firsts. When visitors come, they are looking for an experience. What better than visiting a dispensary and getting to hang out in a speakeasy?”

3. “Bud-tenders” are there to guide you.

“We have experienced staff at Las Vegas ReLeaf, and while customers are waiting to explore the dispensary, the tasting bar is the perfect opportunity to try a variety of products. We have a host of products on tap including our famous Two Roots Cannabier, Just Society Teas and Coffees along with Creative Water Mocktails. This is the first-of-its-kind to be installed within a dispensary, and we are excited to change the whole dispensary shopping experience.”

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4. It’s dripping with old-school cool.

“From start to finish, the experience of coming into Las Vegas ReLeaf is one to remember. In true speakeasy style, patrons must buzz in through a bolted door, show their IDs and then be buzzed in through another door. The décor is modern with art-deco style lighting, keeping consistent with the traditional speakeasy experience. It’s a very bar-esque feeling, with an old-school Vegas vibe.”

5. There’s nowhere else like it.

“Dana’s Place is the first cannabis speakeasy in the U.S. and the first in a series of Cannabinier tasting bars to appear throughout dispensaries across the country. Buying cannabis for the first time can be daunting, and we wanted to lighten the mood with drinks and entertainment to demonstrate how mainstream cannabis consumption has become. As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and legalization continues to spread nationally, the shopping experience for cannabis will evolve. With Dana’s Place, we’re ahead of the world.”