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Meet the Martha Stewart of Edibles

How Nancy Whiteman and Wana Brands became the cannabis industry's leading edibles maker.

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Nancy Whiteman's foray into the cannabis industry began in her tiny Boulder, Colo., test kitchen back in 2010. "We would make a cannabis syrup, pour it over nuts, and bake them, and it would be, like, a sweet-savory nut mix that was infused. They were delicious," she says. Even more nuts is the success she's achieved: Nine years later, her infused-product company, Wana Brands, is far and away the number one edibles company in Colorado. Last year, it grossed $18 million, a number that will continue to grow as she expands sales in six other states. Here's how a seasoned corporate executive, who has a background in marketing for the financial services industry, became the Martha Stewart of edibles.

Courtesy of Wana Brands

How did all this begin?

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