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From Seed to Shelf, How This Husband-Wife Duo Created a 'Hempire'

Franny Tacy has more energy than just about anyone you've ever met. On any given day she's been awake since before daybreak hustling, from bottle feeding baby goats and lambs, tending to gardens and guests, hosting CBD/goat yoga classes on her hemp farm and forever strategizing with her dedicated husband and business partner, Jeff Tacy. Jeff, a stoic, level-headed businessman with a background in project management, is the yang to Franny's yin. The pair are opinionated experts, with decades of varying experience from real estate investing to startup business development.

Franny's Farmacy
Franny's Farmacy founders Franny and Jeff Tracy.

Uninspired by her extremely successful career in big pharma, Franny committed to a journey of pharma to farm. She and Jeff decided to take a leap of faith and purchased an 18-acre, undeveloped plot of land in Leicester, N.C., about 10 minutes from Asheville. The brambled land was south facing, had a spring-fed stream but no structures, no home, no barn, no drive, no power--just obstinate, cantankerous land.

Starting with a blank slate, Jeff and Franny put their talents and partnership to the test, and over the last six years, have created a fully functioning farm with chickens, cows, goats, sheep, bees and a rescued donkey. There are multiple lodging accommodations, and today you will find everything from Farm Camp and Goat Yoga, to weddings and even a music festival called Barn-a-roo, all hosted on the farm.

In 2017, Franny and Jeff were given an opportunity of a lifetime when North Carolina approved the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Bucking their critics, the duo planted their first round of hemp seeds for grain and fiber production, making Franny the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina.

With the immediate success of the first crop, Franny and Jeff decided to take it one step further and planted the second crop for CBD use. While nurturing and supporting the growth of their CBD crop, the married team decided to take it from seed to shelf, opening one of Asheville's first Hemp and CBD dispensaries aptly named Franny's Farmacy.

With the epic boom of the CBD industry launching in 2018, both Franny and Jeff have successfully opened two CBD Dispensaries in North Carolina, with another popping up in Johnson City, Tenn., and even more to open across the Southeast U.S. through 2019 and into 2020.

The Franny's Farmacy product lineup.
Image credit: Franny's Farmacy

From their crop yields, they have developed over a dozen private label CBD and Full-Spectrum products ranging from sublinguals, tinctures, topicals, chapstick, massage oils, salves, smokeables and vapes, teas, even bath bombs. In addition to their own product line, they have selectively curated additional inventory from the carefully sourced full spectrum and CBD products available.

Franny and Jeff pride themselves on being educators of the industry, and regularly participate in interviews, trade shows, press conferences and events all across the country. Most recently, Franny's TedX talk on hemp was published and she represented hemp farmers across the nation on a panel of experts in Washington D.C. at the Victory for Hemp Press Conference.

Being vertically integrated allows the Tacys to manage quality control on all aspects from growing hemp, to processing, product development and bringing the Franny's Brand to people all across the country. As more Franny's Farmacy Dispensaries open, and their wholesale and online business expands, the brand is gaining significant recognition. Franny and Jeff plan to keep expanding the business on pace with the growing CBD and hemp industry.

The Tacys say that they still have some tricks up their sleeves so keep an eye out for some exciting and innovating events in the coming weeks and months.

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Franny's Farmacy

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