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Is Social-Dosing the New Microdosing?

Scott Campbell, co-founder of the luxury cannabis brand Beboe, wants to bring cannabis to the dinner party culture.

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When Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan founded Beboe in 2015, their mission was to create cannabis products that were dosed to go with specific, sophisticated social settings: weddings, afternoon tea parties, and fancy dinners. So they released sleek, elegant vape pens and edible pastilles packaged like something you might find in a Parisian boutique. The classy look got them nicknamed “the Hermès of marijuana” by The New York Times. Clearly, the two were onto something. In March, Green Thumb Industries acquired Beboe for an undisclosed sum, and Barneys New York announced a partnership to sell the products (including a special edition silver vaporizing pen) in its new cannabis lifestyle shop, The High End, in Beverly Hills. We caught up with Campbell to talk about how it all happened. 

beboefamily | Instagram

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