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This Startup Says It Has the Perfect Answer for First-Time Cannabis Customers

Canndescent is making ultra-premium cannabis oil both accessible and irresistible for the cannabis novice.

Canndescent has made succeeding in the crowded cannabis space look about as effortless as a smooth inhale. After becoming the top-selling premium flower brand in competition-soaked California, they introduced a stylish Stylus Series vape system last year and are now expanding their vape offerings with the launch of smaller, more discreet ready-to-use (RTU) pens.

Courtesy of Canndescent

CEO Adrian Sedlin says the new line is meant to appeal with cannabis newcomers, just as Stylus did with the “large, underserved connoisseur segment that craved a stylish and timeless vape accessory.”

Indeed, prospering long-term in a red-hot market relies as much on attracting curious new customers as retaining already-devoted fans. The brand’s curated highs (Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, Charge) that allow users to choose how they “want to feel,” are inherently designed to help simplify an often-intimidating market; as are the new RTUs, specifically designed for an introductory experience.

Crafted with the same luxe finishes as the Stylus, the new RTUs are smaller and, instead of the original’s rechargeable battery, offer a finite-yet-generous 200 draws of the same premium oil—“great for a weekend, or to take along on a trip,” Sedlin says—at a novice-friendly price point.

“We designed our ready-to-use pens to be super approachable,” he says. “There are no buttons to press or new tech to learn. We have a sense of mission about inducting new users into the category while providing superior experiences to all consumers, new and old alike.”

Here are Sedlin’s top strategies for crafting cannabis products geared toward first-time consumers.

Identify the customer’s concerns.

As the market expands, so does the potential for confusion; thus, approachability and simplicity are crucial in attracting new users.

“The cannabis category can be extremely intimidating for first timers,” Sedlin says. “There are all these strains with scary names like Chernobyl, Durban Poison, and Tahoe Alien. If the strains aren’t bad enough, cannabis is sold with lots of confusing buzzwords like CBN, CBD, THC, terpenes, and trichomes. Moreover, the branding, in many cases, is less than approachable, and the oil products don’t list their full ingredients. All this adds up to intimidate users and estrange them from the category.”

To counteract the confusion, Canndescent offers transparency and clarity: “Curating cannabis with effects and not strains makes cannabis work for humans, and not humans work for cannabis,” he says. “We’re proud of empowering customers to better curate their own experiences.”

Canndescent's new line of ready-to-use vape pens.
Image Credit: Courtesy of Canndescent

Remember, form and function are equally critical.

No matter how experienced, all cannabis consumers can appreciate thoughtful functionality and luxurious design. Canndescent’s RTU line, Sedlin says, “balances form and function, rendering a gorgeous pen design that comes with a first-of-kind cap that protects the mouthpiece from dust and dirt.”

Canndescent leans into their luxury brand message with an Instagram-worthy unboxing experience, silky soft-touch finishes, and a “velvety inhale designed specifically to work with our handcrafted extractions. With all of our products, we attempt to inject joy, beauty, and art into people’s lives,” he says.

Be hard to resist.

Among the perceived drawbacks for a cannabis novice, price commitment—especially in the luxury space—could prove a deterrent. While Canndescent is an “aspirational brand that we believe offers an incredible value,” according to Sedlin, the new line of ready-to-use vape pens presents an even more approachable and appealing value for curious first-timers.

“Our RTUs price out at $.50-$1.00 per experience” while offering the same premium experience as the brand’s flower and rechargeable Stylus vapes, Sedlin says. “Because it’s Canndescent, new users know they’ll get ultra-pure, ultra-clean, ultra-potent product without any toxic fillers. Ultimately, cannabis is a gift. We want to share the joy with new consumers and provide transformational experiences that improve their lives.”

Canndescent is available at leading dispensaries throughout California and for delivery by Eazefind a dispensary near you.


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