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This Company Is Setting Quality, Consistency and Innovation Standards in Cannabis

The cannabis market is seeing an influx. Here's how Canndescent is setting an industry standard with ultra-premium products and innovative methods.

As a new wave of legalization hits the country, consumers are being introduced to cannabis brands that are exchanging product quality for company scale. As a leader in ultra-premium cannabis, Canndescent refuses to make such sacrifices. In fact, a consumer-first mindset is woven into every step of Canndescent’s cultivation process. Despite painstaking efforts at every stage of the grow, plants are only handled by the stem. “We want you to be the first to touch the flower,” says CEO Adrian Sedlin, coining the product “virgin cannabis.” 


Cultivating Quality at Canndescent 

Nestled away in highly controlled, small-batch grow rooms at Canndescent’s Desert Hot Springs facility, the cultivation process is meticulous. Across every square inch of these rooms, cultivators control specific elements to create and maintain an optimal growing environment. Readings on these elements, including the levels of temperature, humidity, O2 and CO2 are monitored and logged into a database every 60 seconds. 

After harvest, whole plants are hung upside down for a period of 60 days in order to allow the flower to flush, dry and cure. During this 2 month period, tests are taken to determine the terpene profile and cannabinoid content of each plant. These results then allow the Canndescent team to decide which of the company’s 5 Effect profiles — Charge, Create, Connect, Cruise, or Calm — that the plant matter will become. One the plants have finished the curing process, they move on to be trimmed. In order to maintain a “virgin cannabis: guarantee”, all trimming at Canndescent is exclusively done by hand, held only by the stem.

The Effects of Consistency

According to CEO Adrian Sedlin, Canndescent’s Effects-based cannabis classification system is designed to give cannabis users consistency and reliability in an ever-changing market. “If you buy Calm, we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be an identical experience every time.” The Canndescent team ensures this by hosting regular focus groups of an average 100 participants in which they are invited to test harvests and give feedback. To ensure consistency across all effects, the Canndescent team assesses if feedback from participants’ experiences match up with the effect profiles. 

The Eco-Friendly Art of Flower

Taking consistency efforts a step further, Canndescent has recently opened a state-of-the-art tissue culture lab inside of their Desert Hot Springs facility. With time, cannabis plant clones wear down and their effects begin to change. This new tissue culture lab will give Canndescent cultivators a safe and sterile environment in which to store their genetics, as well as allowing the to regain control over their crop genetics. This enables them to eliminate destructive pathogens within the plant; potentially seeing greater yields, a boost in potency, and an increase in overall vitality of the crops. 

Of course, Canndescent openly acknowledges that this level of quality control and operational excellence does pose a strain on resources. It’s one reason why growers often commit exclusively to one of three growing methods: indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse. To circumvent their consumption and reduce their carbon footprint, the innovators at Canndescent embraced eco-friendly practices and banded together to develop an alternative growing technique called greendoor™. This technique not only marries water-efficiency, energy-efficiency and pesticide-free growing, but it also takes the process indoors. Powered by their new 282.6 kilowatt solar system, Canndescent is clearly on course to become the industry leader in superior cannabis meeting sustainable practices.

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