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Meet The Nuns Making CBD

Giving new meaning to "higher worship," Sister Kate and her order of nuns produce premium CBD products that are popular around the world.

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On a small farm in sleepy Merced, Calif., Sister Kate and a small order of nuns calling themselves the Sisters of the Valley are quietly cultivating, extracting, and distributing their CBD products to the tune of $1 million a year.

Dwight Larks | Sisters of CBD

But Kate and her sisters aren’t ordinary nuns -- at least, not in the traditional Catholic sense. These nuns model themselves after the French beguines, women in medieval times who lived and prayed together. Like nuns, Sisters of the Valley wear full habits and worship God but put the Mother Earth at the center of their spirituality. And their ultimate mission, according to Sister Kate, is “to get the most amount of medicine into the hands of the biggest amount of people, and to do it while building spiritual career choices and business ownership for women.”

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