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A CBD Drink For The Stressed

How a stressed-out Wall Streeter went from vodka to cannabis and created a soda to chill by (minus the hangover).

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After 30 years of trading bonds on Wall Street, Jay Moskowitz got tired of it. "I felt like I heard the clock ticking, and I knew that if I didn't try something else soon, I'd never have the chance," he says. So one day in 2013, to everyone's surprise, he up and quit.

Courtesy of Bimble

He had no idea what he would do next and didn't decide for a while. But he was tending to his beehives at his lake house when a former coworker called and said, "I'm buying a medical marijuana license in Connecticut, and I want you to run the company." This was totally out of left field for Moskowitz. He didn't smoke marijuana, and he wasn't following the cannabis market in the least. However, his old colleague had a successful track record in politics and film, so Moskowitz figured he might be onto something and took the offer.

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