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Meet Three Women Who Are Disrupting the Canna-business

They've transitioned from ambitious careers to claim their stake.

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For women bent on disrupting, it may be a perfect time in cannabis. What is estimated to be a $44.8 billion market in the United States by 2024 is still young enough to challenge.

Primorac91 | Getty Images

Yes, the deck is stacked against you if you're female. Much has been made, and rightly so, of a cannabis playing field now tilted unfairly by the influx of capital and the men who seem to get most of it. Overall, in 2018 just 2.2 percent of the whole VC pie was invested in female founders. It's even worse for those who are black, with one 2018 report showing they received only .0006 percent of total tech venture funding since 2009. When it comes to power, only about a third of cannabis executives are women.

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