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How Hollyweed Is Helping Push Cannabis Forward

As more and more celebrities compete in the cannabis business, all entrepreneurs should roll out the red carpet.

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With so many celebrities, politicians, athletes, and other high-profile personalities entering the industry, some are concerned that they are just cashing in on the business. Not me. As we cannabis entrepreneurs trudge through the mud to take the plant mainstream, a lot of our blood, sweat, and tears are poured into breaking the stigma it has carried for many years. A little assistance from Hollywood to help change the zeitgeist is more than welcome.

Gabriel Olsen | Getty Images

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We all strive to help the “canna-curious” become confident cannabis enthusiasts through education. We also want to rekindle a delight in those who perhaps tried cannabis in their youth and are now ready to revisit their relationship. And while many of us trailblazers great satisfaction in our role as a canna-catalyst who have moved mountains for the plant, it takes a village. 

Women take the lead

Women celebrities in cannabis are a perfect example of how big names can help change perceptions. I believe that powerful women empower other women and well-loved celebs will undoubtedly go a long way in breaking the stigma, and showing greater acceptance of cannabis as part of societal norms, particularly with the celebs joining the industry who hadn’t previously voiced their pro-plant stance.

While Mary-Louise Parker may have been a fictional weed pioneer in the popular show Weeds, celebrities have recently strolled off the screen to embrace the cannabis culture. Gwyneth Paltrow, Whoopie Goldberg, Chelsea Handler, and even Martha Stewart are a few of the female celebs who have attached their names to marijuana brands. As these powerful and visible figures step up to the challenge, we should welcome them as authentic and educated spokespeople for an industry that has been previously relegated to persecution and prosecution. 

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As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we open the door— and our arms-—to celebrities and welcome the new voices that help support our mission. After all, a rising tide lifts all ships.