CBD For Dogs Is The Next Big Thing In The Supplement Industry

Cannabinoids for canines are barking its way into the booming pet market. These 6 companies are the ones to watch.
CBD For Dogs Is The Next Big Thing In The Supplement Industry
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The explosive growth of CBD oil and hemp-products is one of the many characteristics that will define this decade. From mass-produced gummy bears to up-scale New York spas serving CBD Oil, its proliferation is well underway. As CBD becomes more integrated into the culture, entrepreneurs are already thinking about new ways to utilize and commercialize it. While CBD is used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and stress in humans, it’s also growing in popularity as a supplement for dogs.

Until recently, there is very little research on the effects of cannabinoids on canines. But new evidence suggests that dogs with Osteoarthritis, a common joint disease, are positively impacted by low-dosage CBD treatments. With on-going research across the country, it might just hint at the mass-market potential CBD oil has in the $636-million pet supplement industry.

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Millennials driving the trend

According to Packaged Facts’ 2019 analysis, the pet food supplements sector has increased in popularity every year for the last five years. Interestingly, the data indicate that dog-owners between the ages of 25-34 contribute most significantly to the pet-supplement industry compared to other generations. Similarly, dog-owners spend up to four times as much on their pets than cat-owners, accounting for 78 percent of pet supplement sales.

With CBD oils quickly becoming a quintessential part of the ‘supplementer’s’ toolkit, it's not surprising that this trickles down into the pet supplement industry. Already now, major CBD firms have established themselves as keen players in dog CBD space, with a lineup of dog CBD infused dog treats. A whole range of boutique CBD firms has cropped up, focusing solely on pet-related CBD products. 

Here are some of the most interesting CBD companies that are shaping the future of canine supplements.

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1. Verma Farms

As one of the early CBD firms to enter the dog market, Verma Farms has quickly established precedent with its lineup of dog treats infused with CBD. Their products are domestically grown and rely on pesticide-free hemp and designed to be appealing to dogs’ taste preferences. 

2. Fomo Bones

Fomo Bones popped up a few times in my search, a testament to their effective branding. Complemented by clean packaging, their bone-shaped treats come in a variety of flavors and contain plenty of added nutrients that are beneficial for dogs, such as L-Tryptophan and valerian root, which is chosen for their calming effects. 

3. Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf has gained steady recognition for its focus on the medicinal and veterinary properties of CBD for pets. Perhaps most notably, Pet Releaf’s appetizing menu, which includes flavors like Peanut Butter Banana and Blueberry Cranberry, charm pet-owners with the allure of treating their dogs to little something extra-special. All ‘Edibites’ are organic with full-spectrum CBD and incorporate natural ingredients like honey and sunflower to boost its nutritional properties. 

4. Honest Paws

Honest Paws stands out as a leading supplier of pet CBD products mainly due to its extensive stock-list. The company has simplified its offering by categorizing its products based on the symptoms a dog may show. For example, their Calming Strain helps with nervous licking, inconsistent sleep and dogs that frequently travel, whereas their turmeric-flavored Relief Strain emphasizes healthy ageing, joint health and is packaged with anti-inflammatory properties. Honest Paw’s fast growth may be due to its simplified offering in a market saturated with too much choice. 

5. Charlotte’s Web

A frequent contender amongst the CBD bestsellers, Charlotte’s Web has invested heavily in their own pet-focused CBD range. Similar to Honest Paws, Charlotte’s Web’s strategy is to help the consumer choose the right product for their pet. Their CBD product Cognition, for instance, promotes healthy brain and immune systems with organic, all-natural chews. 

6. Zesty Paws

Zesty Paws has gone an extra step to introduce consumers to the veterinary properties of CBD, with different products designed to treat a variety of common canine ailments. While their Aller-Immune Bites help with overall immune health, their Mobility Bites provide more support for hip and joint pains. Likewise, for dogs with urinary problems, their Cranberry Bladder Bites may help alleviate systems. 

Regardless of the brand, you may choose to buy from, what’s interesting is the way these brands are promoting their products. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pet-supplements are marketed almost identically as our supplements. For entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in a relatively new industry, maybe the pet-food supplement industry is still ripe grounds for some new players. 


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