New Cream Targets Brain's Cannabinoid Receptors Without Using THC Or CBD

Developed by two Detroit doctors, CB2++ Repair Cream could be a new way to benefit the body's CB2 cannabinoid receptor without THC or CBD.
New Cream Targets Brain's Cannabinoid Receptors Without Using THC Or CBD
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This story originally appeared on Benzinga

Detroit doctors Jessica and Rachel Kado launched CB2++ Repair Cream, a patented product that provides inflammation and pain relief by targeting the body's CB2 cannabinoid receptor. A plant-based, non-prescription cream, this product binds cannabinoid receptors without using THC or CBD.

CB2++ has been used by professional athletes including players from the Detroit Lions and is endorsed by Kevin Bastin, former NFL head athletic trainer for 25 years with the Lions, Houston Texans and Washington Redskins.

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“This is the next generation of care for anti-inflammation and pain relief,” Dr. Jessica Kado said. “Using non-marijuana plants, we have been able to harness the power of phytocannabinoids by targeting a receptor called CB2 that is naturally active in the body's immune system. The results have been outstanding in treating sore muscles, joints and tendons in repair, recovery and injury prevention in people of all ages. We are excited to launch our product commercially to a wider audience."

Bastin also weighed in on the product.


“To decrease skin and tendon inflammation quickly without using irritants or steroids, look no further than CB2++ repair cream. Using this product, we have seen positive results and the feedback from athletes has been universally positive,” Bastin said.

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