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10 Romantic Cannabis Products For Valentine's Day And Beyond

Looking for a little kush and cuddle? Consider gifting these marijuana products.


Cannabis and romance go together like Valentine's Day and candy hearts.

Garden Society
Valentine's Day spread with cannabis from The Garden Society.

So it's only natural that every February the market is flooded with romance-themed cannabis products aimed at enchanting and seducing your loved one.

Which products are the best? It depends on what you're looking for. 

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For example, cannabis products promoting better sex seem to be strong sellers—for good reason. Research has shown cannabis to be a strong aphrodisiac, aiding couples in the bedroom by boosting arousal and sexual performance. A recent 2020 study found sex increased in cannabis-legal states. Perhaps it's because consumers have access to these innovative, cannabis-infused items. 

Here are ten marijuana products that will wow you and your partner this Valentine's Day 2020 and beyond. 

1906 Lovers Edition chocolate. (Image credit: 1906)

Love aphrodisiac chocolate from 1906 has a special heart-shaped offering this Valentine's Day. (Image Credit: 1906)

Lovers Edition Chocolate Heart from 1906

The Love heart from 1906 is heartbreaking. Literally. You and your partner get to break the chocolate in half, enjoying 5 milligrams of CBD and 5 milligrams of THC of chocolate. Or, if you're like me, you can just eat the whole thing alone and have an amazing time. While the Colorado-based cannabis company sells Love year-round, the special Lovers Edition heart-shaped chocolate and packaging are limited to Valentine's Day. Ingredients alongside cannabis include damiana, muira puama and Catuaba, theobromine, and ashwagandha, all of which are plant-based sexual enhancers. As with all edibles, save some time for foreplay: The high peaks at about two hours in, 1906 says. 

MJ Arsenal sells a popular heart-shaped joint bubbler. (Image credit: MJ Arsenal)MJ Arsenal sells a popular heart-shaped joint bubbler. (Image credit: MJ Arsenal)

Heart Bubbler Line from MJ Arsenal

An online glass headshop MJ Arsenal makes a show-stopping line of Valentine's Day smoking accessories. You may have seen them touted by the finest influencers on social media for the last three years. From a pink heart-shaped joint bubbler called Pulse, meant to make the joint or blunt hit smoother, to a little concentrate rig with a heart in the center called the Soulcycler, the company puts an amourous touch on glass pieces. 

Vella from MANNA is a female sexual enhancement serum. (Image credit: MANNA)Vella from MANNA is a female sexual enhancement serum. (Image credit: MANNA)

Vella from MANNA Molecular

Founded in 2015 by a team of scientists, MANNA Molecular just launched Vella, a female sexual enhancement serum made using, "proprietary liposomal technology." Vella comes in 200 milligram CBD bottles currently, with a 1:1 CBD and THC ratio offering coming soon. Plus it's condom-compatible and paraben-free. Nial DeMena, CEO and Co-Founder of MANNA, says: "Our goal was to develop a CBD product that afforded tangible benefits to women." Happy woman, happy world. 

Tantric Tincture from Privy Peach. (Image credit: Privy Peach)

Tantric Tincture from Privy Peach. (Image credit: Privy Peach)

Tantric Tincture from Privy Peach

Privy Peach, a vegan and cruelty-free CBD skincare and beauty line, offers Tantric Tincture, a CBD-infused product with powerful aphrodisiac properties. Made with burdock root, 300 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, and a blend of Linalool, Limonene, and Vanillin terpenes, and B-3 and B-12 vitamins, it is an intimate delight. The company also created Love Spell, a 50 milligram CBD bath bomb filled with rosemary, rosehip, geranium, coconut oil, rose salt, rose petals, and palmarosa. 

Quim's Smooth Operator. (Image credit: Quim)Quim's Smooth Operator. (Image credit: Quim)

Smooth Operator Quim

Quim is a delicate, plant-based, eco-conscious sexual lubricant and arousal company that I personally love. Their new offering Smooth Operator is a serum with ingredients aimed at increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and promoting relaxation of your pelvic region. Quim's serum contains aloe vera, sunflower oil, full-spectrum CBD, and is free of parabens and glycerin-ingredients that the company says, "are harmful to the vaginal ecosystem and proliferate bacteria."

Foria Pleasure. (Image credit: Foria Wellness)Foria Pleasure. (Image credit: Foria Wellness)

Pleasure from Foria

Foria is the trail-blazer in sexual intimacy and cannabis. They're the company that invented cannabis-infused lubricant Pleasure, the first female intimacy enhancer ever to the marketplace. Their tincture contains just three ingredients: "cannabis oil, coconut oil, and love." The company explains clients often report enhanced, deeper orgasms. Their line has evolved over time to include a CBD-only version of Pleasure intended to be slathered on across America this Valentine's Day. 

Rosette mini joints of cannabis from The Garden Society. (Image credit: The Garden Society)

Rosette mini joints of cannabis from The Garden Society. (Image credit: The Garden Society)

Mini Joint Rosettes from The Garden Society

These are the perfect size for one sitting. Ten joints rolled in 3.75-gram packs are super cute, indulgent, and sun-grown. It is worthwhile to include The Garden Society in any whimsical product list because their branding and design are aimed well towards women and feminine floral, goddess energy abound. I recommend their CBD or Sativa Rosettes, and also they offer pretty cute chocolates with dark chocolate and sea salt. 

Herbalist from The Botanist in Soothe. (Image credit: The Botanist)Herbalist from The Botanist in Soothe. (Image credit: The Botanist)

Herbalist Tinctures from The Botanist

This new line of tinctures from The Botanist is artful and sensual. Using turmeric, lavender, and clove, Soothe is a potent tincture for those consumers who want imbibe on edibles this Valentine's Day. Unlike candies, tinctures are a fast-absorbing way to feel the effects of cannabis, plus the high can be more subtle. Soothe contains a balanced THC to CBD ratio and sunflower lecithin to increase the absorption of all cannabinoids. Super effective that tingly feeling of amour. 

Hamilton Shells Rosy Blunt also known as a rosegar. (Image credit: Lindsey Bartlett/Green Entrepreneur)

Rosy Blunt Shells from Hamilton Shells

How romantic is it to give your partner a dozen of these?? Rosegars from Hamilton Shells is made with organic, pesticide-free, dye-free red roses. Hamilton shells are surprisingly affordable, and they're meant to be filled with your own cannabis like any other cone or rolling shell. Think of it as a build-your-own rose blunt. The hit is smooth and tastes of red raspberries, with 2-6 percent terpenes meant to complement but not overpower your cannabis. Plus, the little wooden filter is made of corn husks. So cute.

Sexy Time intimacy oil from Apothecanna. (Image credit: Apothecanna)

Sexy Time personal intimacy oil from skincare company Apothecanna. (Image credit: Apothecanna)

Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil from Apothecanna

Apothecanna is a skincare line with both THC and CBD-focused products to help with, you guessed it, sexy time. Its Sexy Time personal intimacy oil is designed to help enhance sensitivity. It uses only food-grade essential oils, so it works like a lubricant without the parabens, waxes, or glycerin. It is non-GMO and vegan so don't worry--you can get it in your mouth.