Why OxiClean's Anthony Sullivan Bought a Hemp Farm Before Launching a CBD Brand

To truly succeed, he says, you must be authentic.

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Anthony Sullivan is usually on TV pitching OxiClean, the line of cleaning products he’s become famous for. (His marketing company produces its commercials, which he also stars in.) But now he’s also pitching his own CBD brand, and he wants people to know he’s all in. “It would have been easy for me to just white-label some CBD,” he says, “but I didn’t feel that was enough.” He discovered the space because of his 9-year-old daughter, Devon, who has a rare genetic disorder and uses CBD to manage her symptoms. Then he teamed up with a friend, Dave Christian, to buy a 116-acre organic hemp farm in Vermont and hired a film crew to chronicle their struggles as novice farmers. The final result: Their brand, MontKush, is available as of last month, and a show called Kings of Kush debuts later this summer. Here, Sullivan and Christian talk about the benefits of doing things the hard way — and yes, they even filmed their Entrepreneur interview, which will appear on their show.

Sullivan Productions

Why take this leap? 

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