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Why This Venture Capitalist Only Invests In Bad Industries

On the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, guest Catharine Dockery talks about her niche investment company Vice Ventures .


Vice is nice, according to this week's Green Entrepreneur Podcast guest, Catharine Dockery. 

Yulia Grigoryeva | Shutterstock

She is the founder of Vice Ventures, a seed-stage capital fund that invests in good companies operating in "bad" categories from seed to exit. A 27-year-old alum of Walmart and Bonobos, Dockery launched her own company in 2018, investing in industries like cannabis, sex-tech, alcohol, e-gambling, harm-reducing nicotine, and more. On the podcast, we talk about the opportunities in vice businesses, her predictions for the cannabis and CBD space, and how she vets her investments.

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