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How Popular Are Cannabis Drinks In Canada? Time To Find Out.

The first cannabis-infused drink from the Tweed brand in Canada is about to become available on store shelves and online across the country.

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The long-promised day has arrived. Cannabis-curious consumers in Canada who want to try marijuana drinks can now buy them at a dispensary or have them delivered to their door.


That’s good news for those who prefer drinking their THC as opposed to smoking it, a trend expected to grow as more consumers seek a healthier option.

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Companies in the cannabis space are banking on that trend, including Tweed, among the first drinkables to go on sale across the nation. People may already know the Ontario-based weed company because of its partnership with Snoop Dogg, producing the rapper’s line of marijuana products for the Canadian market. 

The cannabis-infused drink is part of Cannabis 2.0 in Canada.

Canada, when it legalized adult-use marijuana in 2018, did not allow the sale of cannabis-infused edibles or beverages. However, sales became legal in 2020. Canadian consumers can now expect the market to get flooded by edibles and drinkables.

As with some emerging markets in the United States, it’s time to find out how popular weed-infused drinks will be in Canada. The company, headquartered in Smiths Falls, Ontario, is advertising the release with the phrase: “Guess what? Now you can sip your Hi.” Tweed says the company has shipped its Houndstooth & Soda to online retailers and dispensaries across Canada. It’s made from Tweed’s THC-dominant Houndstooth strain of cannabis that features Sativa. 

What Tweed plans to eventually offer as it rolls out its drinkables.

Tweed current has shipped only the Houndstooth & Soda, one of three carbonated drinks the company plans to offer. The other two are Penelope & Tonic and Bakerstreet & Ginger. Bakerstreet is THC-dominant, while Penelope offers a hybrid of CBD and THC. All three carbonated beverages contained 2 mg of THC.

The company also has three non-carbonated drinks meant for combination with a non-alcoholic mixer. They also come in Houndstooth, Bakerstreet and Penelope flavors. Each contains 10 mg of THC.

The brand orbits a Scottish vibe, to which they pay homage in the name of the company itself. Tweed also has named many of its marijuana strains after a pattern of tweed cloth that originated in either Scotland or Ireland (houndstooth, argyle, Donegal) or a famous area in Scotland (Highlands). Less obvious is the fact that Baker Street is the London street upon which tweed-wearing fictional detective Sherlock Holmes lived. The creator of Sherlock Holmes is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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What about people in the United States who want cannabis drinkables?

Because of the patchwork quilt laws across the U.S., your ability to buy cannabis-infused drinks depends on your location. For those in legal recreational marijuana states, there already are plenty of choices for both purchase and delivery. 

A recent article in Weedmaps listed some of the more popular cannabis beverage options in the U.S., which include:

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops. The first cannabis “beer” offers zero calories, zero carbs, and zero alcohol. The lineup also offers a blend of THC and CBD, depending on which one you choose. AbsoluteXtracts grows the THC and CBD extracts used in Hi-Fi Hops.

Legal Beverages. These tonics come in five flavors: Sparkling Cranberry, Sparkling Lemon Ginger, Rainier Cherry, Pomegranate and Espresso Mocha. They also feature a potent level of THC. And Mirth Provisions, which makes Legal Beverages, has an excellent manifesto

Dixie Elixirs. No, it’s not actually made in Dixie, because none of those states allow that sort of thing, yet. But the Colorado-based company’s range of cannabis-infused teas and lemonades are a “staple in the well-established Rocky Mountains market,” according to Weedmaps. The company is expanding into California, Nevada, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma and Canada.

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