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You Can't Succeed in the Cannabis Business Without Reliable Business Intelligence

Try Equio, the most trusted intelligence resource in the cannabis industry, risk free for seven days.

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The cannabis business has always been a huge industry. But now it’s also a legal industry, with more than 60 countries currently allowing some form of cannabis sales. It's estimated that the global cannabis industry is worth nearly $350 billion, and  legalization in the U.S. is just getting started.


However, if you’re looking to break into the cannabis industry, whether as an entrepreneur or an investor, you’re going to need to understand key industry trends. And for that, there is no better tool thanthe Equio cannabis business intelligence portal from New Frontier Data.

The need for reliable information.

All businesses need information to thrive. However, the problem for businesses in newer industries is that this information can be hard to come by—not necessarily because it isn’t available, but because it’s scattered all over the place. New Frontier Data was founded in 2014 to solve this problem for the cannabis industry. And Equio is the end result of their hard work.

Officially branded as a “cannabis business intelligence portal,” Equio is a technology platform designed to present information in a way that is convenient and simple to use. What’s really special about it is all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Since 2014, New Frontier Data has been collecting and analyzing comprehensive consumer and behavioral data from every segment of the global cannabis industry, including growers, lawmakers, investors, and retailers. Now, with Equio, they are distilling massive quantities of data into a library of industry reports, plus a cutting edge virtual dashboard with real-time stock tickers, interactive data maps, curated news feeds, and much more.

Equio: In-Depth cannabis business intelligence.

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Image: New Frontier Data

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry is the steep learning curve. Fortunately, Equio can be the perfect resource for all the information you need. With it you can:

  • Track U.S. cannabis market sales by market type
  • Identify the best products to sell in your store by tracking how specific product categories are performing
  • Understand shifts in consumer spending
  • Get the data sets and charts you need to attract investors without spending hours searching the Internet
  • Understand the science of cannabis
  • Understand the state of legalization in your area
  • Figure out what products will work best based on regulations in your state
  • Search for cannabis-related job opportunities across the United States
  • Access to the Cannabyte industry newsletter

Equio offers three different subscription tiers. Equio Basic, designed specifically for small businesses and individual users, is the most popular option. It comes with 70+ industry reports, access to New Frontier Data’s webinar archive, 1000+ charts and graphs, a real-time stock ticker, an interactive U.S. data map, U.S. product sales index, regional profiles, market projections, and much, much more.

Equio basic is $49 per month when you subscribe on a month-to-month basis. However, if you select annual billing you can save 15 percent. And the best part is you can take Equio for a test drive before you commit thanks to their seven day free trial.

Cannabyte: Cannabis business intelligence newsletter.

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Image: New Frontier Data

Cannabyte is a cannabis business intelligence newsletter which features informative, data-driven visuals and insights from trusted industry experts. It covers critical topics for anyone involved in the global cannabis industry, including:

  •     Hemp charts and analysis
  •     Critical insights on finance, tax, and data security issues
  •     Medicine, technology, and innovation in the cannabis industry
  •     Videos on related trending topics
  •     Q&A with industry experts

Access to Cannabyte is included with Equio, or you can purchase a standalone subscription.

Equio and Cannabyte are incredibly powerful tools. So whether you’re just starting to think about getting into the cannabis business, or you’re already in it up to your neck, don’t go another day without them. Click here to learn more about Equio.