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The Important Word One CBD Brand Is Building Their Company Around

With the lack of transparency in the CBD industry, Wild by Nature wants to put out a product people can trust.


Until the FDA implements the same safety regulations that THC-products are subjected to, the onus of CBD testing is primarily on the manufacturers. Unfortunately, there have been many bad actors in the space, using inferior-quality CBD—if they use cannabidiol at all.

Wild by Nature

Wild by Nature, which launched there this week, isn't one of these companies.

"We are focused on building trust in the category," says co-founder, Jeremy Creighton. "We are going the extra mile to make sure our products are exactly what they claim to be and sharing this with the consumers,"

How do they do this?

First, by identifying and using the best U.S. hemp farms with the highest quality extraction services, then setting quality control standards way above industry norms. Explains co-founder Wilhelm David, "Each batch has been independently tested at every stage of production. From seed, harvest, extraction to liquid blending to manufacturing, the entire process is carefully crafted and monitored."

Image Credit: Wild by Nature

We spoke to Creighton about the process of launching his company in an already crowded space.

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Tell us a bit about your background.

Creighton: Growing up in Australia in a progressive environment, surrounded by bushland and a rugged coastline, I was blessed with the goodness of mother nature from an early age. I have founded multiple businesses in Melbourne and New York, and now call Newport Beach (California) my home. My long-term passion has been an innate desire to unleash the goodness of plant-based nutrition with an aim to harness the goodness of mother nature.

My partner, Wilhelm has an extensive international corporate background, having worked in Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, England and now residing in Sydney. Wilhelm grew up on the tropical island of Sri Lanka and views overall wellness as the key to enriching one's life.

We connected on the idea of wellness as the key to enriching lives. Simply combining tropical coconut oil with American hemp oil was our initial idea in building a pathway to wellness

What learnings have you taken from you from your past business experience and applied to Wild?

Our shared passion for building trustworthy brands comes from years of working in global corporations in multiple countries. This has connected us to bringing expertise and the highest of ingredients to Wild By Nature.

How is Wild by Nature different than other CBD companies?

Wild By Nature is driven to deliver a high-quality and reliable product that is governed from seed to sale. We have the thirst to learn and perfect the art of making the best possible CBD products on earth. As a product focus efficacy, we deliver 100 mg of CBD per 1 mL. We have a lot of respect for the many scientists, academics, pioneers, and our peers in the category and will continue to collaborate with them in the hope to mutually elevate the benefits of CBD category.

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Describe the single biggest challenge you face in the industry and how you solved it.

Every country has a different legal framework to navigate. There are different product standards, advertising guidelines, and business practices. Not to mention starting a business during a global pandemic! We solved this by partnering with great people and hiring a team with real expertise who are smarter than we are. Being agile and pivoting when needed, and never losing sight of the vision. Most importantly, staying true to our word.

What's the best advice you can give to people wanting to break into the cannabis industry?

Stay positive and be creative, but balance it with a business structure. We wanted to be seen as business people in the cannabis space rather than cannabis people in the business space. You need to balance the two worlds.

What do you think are the biggest opportunities in cannabis in the future?

I think the category is full of potential, but it's still in the early stages of becoming a mainstream idea. There's an opportunity to help consumers connect to the products. I believe we need to shift communications to focus on the holistic lifestyle and overcoming the stigma sometimes associated with CBD.

Fathers Day is coming up. What is the best advice you ever received from your dad?

My dad is a creative thinker and optimist who has always shown me there are multiple ways to solve a problem. He instilled in me the belief that anything is possible and always encouraged my ideas.

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