Free Webinar | June 17: 5 Emerging Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Cannabis Space

Join us as we discuss how the pandemic has changed the cannabis industry and new opportunities that lie ahead.
Free Webinar | June 17: 5 Emerging Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Cannabis Space
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How has the cannabis industry changed, and what are the new opportunities for those looking to get into the business—or to get ahead? Emily Paxhia, co-founder and Managing Partner of Poseidon Assets Management, offers her expert opinion. Some topics she will cover include: 

  • The shift to direct to consumer and ecommerce
  • Why edibles are a product category to be on and what comes after chocolates and gummies 
  • The digital intersection of creativity, events and cannabis 
  • DIY cannabis. 

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Emily has reviewed thousands of companies in the cannabis, helping to shape founders' pitch preparations and their go-to-market strategies/ product launches. Extremely active in the investment decision making and ongoing investment oversight processes, she works closely with her partners to create meaningful deal structures, ensuring that proper governance is carried out at the company level. Emily has over 10 years of experience working as a consultant and researcher, and as such, has become an expert at extracting actionable insights from research and applying them to make corporations function more efficiently and successfully. She also leverages this experience to engage in detailed market analysis for determination around product-market fit and potential scalability

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