Why The Pandemic Could Be A Boon For Cannabis Education

The coronavirus has forced a lot of universities to provide digital curriculums, which has proven beneficial for cannabis education programs.
Why The Pandemic Could Be A Boon For Cannabis Education
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Cannabis education has slowly spread since marijuana began to earn legal status across states. Nowadays, with the coronavirus, universities are facing new challenges that force them to rework their curriculum and find new ways of keeping students engaged while producing revenue.

Green Flower Media recently partnered with five universities to provide courses for students interested in learning about growing, testing and selling legal weed. The company hopes to expand its partnerships in the coming years, attracting talented people involved in the business of marijuana.

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Green Flower CEO Max Simon told Forbes that the company wasn’t able to consolidate any partnerships in 2019. But once the coronavirus struck the U.S. and cannabis was deemed an essential business, universities began to consider more options, exploring digital programs while also considering marijuana as a possible profitable business for students.

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Florida Atlantic University, Northern Michigan University, Mount Aloysius College and the University of San Diego are some of the schools that will be offering cannabis education programs and certificates in the coming months. The programs will consist of three courses delivered over a period of two months, costing $3,000 and including classes, readings, videos and research, homework and internships opportunities for students.

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Green Flower will also connect students with local employers in order to facilitate internships and full-time jobs. They hope to expand their programs to include more universities and believe that this year could be a significant one for cannabis in America, cementing its position as a booming business.

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