Boston Strong: A Minority-Owned Dispensary Survives The Pandemic And Looting

On this week's Green Entrepreneur Podcast, Kobie Evans joins the show to talk about his dispensary Pure Oasis, which has had to endure closing due to Covid-19 and an unfortunate looting incident.
Boston Strong: A Minority-Owned Dispensary Survives The Pandemic And Looting
Image credit: Pure Oasis

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Think you're having a rough 2020? Meet Kobie Evans, co-owner of Pure Oasis, who almost immediately after opening the only minority-owned dispensary on the east coast, had to shut it down due to COVID-19 and keep it closed, as Massachusetts did not declare cannabis an essential business. Then a week after finally reopening his show, it was vandalized and looted during the same week as the worldwide George Floyd protests. Although Evans firmly believes that the looting was not connected to the protests, the financial damage was significant. On this week's episode of The Green Entrepreneur Podcast, he tells his story. 

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