These Are The Best Cannabis Investments Right Now

Kim Kovacs of The Arcview Group joins The Green Entrepreneur Podcast to talk about where the smart money is.
These Are The Best Cannabis Investments Right Now
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Kim Kovacs is CEO of The Arcview Group, a private investment network and market research firm focused on connecting high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and money managers with investment in the cannabis sector. Prior to her role at Arcview, Kim was a serial entrepreneur and investor and founder of My Jane, a wellness technology platform that curates cannabis products for women. My Jane was acquired in 2019 by Manifest 7. Kim talks to us about what Arcview does, how entrepreneurs and investors can get involved, and the best investment opportunities including:

  • Touchless technology 
  • AI
  • Personalized medicine
  • Research and data
  • Life science
  • Brands 
  • Delivery
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