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The Top 5 CBD Oils On The Market Right Now

According to independent Israeli review company Leafreport, these CBD oils will give you the best bang for your buck.

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Leafreport wants to be the Consumer Reports of CBD. Based in Israel, the hotbed of cannabis research, this online resource company is on a mission to "bring transparency to the CBD industry." The company does this by putting CBD products through a rigorous testing process that looks at a brand's range of products, transparency, accuracy, reputation, buying experience and shipping, customer service, and price.

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Leafreport staffers, which include chemists, journalists, and physicians, buy the product itself then analyze such things as its potency, hemp source, extraction method, third-party testing, and overall manufacturing process. A crucial part of their test process includes comparing the amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids stated on the product label with the third-party lab test reports.

Leafreport also rates the company's customer service by communicating through email, chat, and in-person interviews, and taking note of the speed and quality of their response.

Here are some of the CBD oils that rated very highly.

1. Endoca

Based in Denmark, Endoca makes full-spectrum CBD oil that comes in a variety of potencies—from 300 mg to 1500 mg. The CBD oil is packaged in a 10 ml bottle with two formulations: regular and raw.

Leafreport tested Endoca's CBD oil through its own lab (Canalysis Labs) and found it to be one of the highest-quality CBD products they rated. For example, Endoca's 300 mg raw CBD oil contained high levels of minor cannabinoids such as THCV, CBDV, CBG, CBDA, and CBC. "Since these cannabinoids have benefits of their own and amplify the effects of CBD, this makes Endoca's CBD oil more effective than regular CBD oils," Leafreport says.

Endoca also received high marks for being sourced from non-GMO hemp that is grown with strict organic cultivation practices. They also use a solvent-free CO2 extraction process and all their products are kosher, vegan friendly, and gluten-free.

The only negative: The company doesn't make flavored oils and they don't make gummies.

2. CBDfx

The California-based company offers organically-grown full-spectrum CBD. CBDfx's tinctures come in three potencies from 500 to 1500 mg CBD per 30 ml bottle. Flavors include blueberry pineapple, lychee lemon kiwi, and lemon-lime mint.

According to Leafreport, CBDfx's products are sourced from organic hemp cultivated in Kentucky. They undergo extensive third-party lab testing to verify their potency and safety. Leafreport found CBDfx's hemp extract to contain notable amounts of cannabinoids such as CBDV. Other pros included good customer service via the phone and a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

On the negative side, CBDfx claims to organic but is not USDA certified. Also, the oil is a bit pricier than average. But this is also to be expected given its higher quality.

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3. PlusCBD Oil

One of the first hemp CBD oil brands in the country, PlusCBD offers three full-spectrum oil formulas: raw, total plant complex (a standard CBD oil formula that has been decarboxylated to convert all of the CBDA into CBD), and gold (a distilled formula that concentrates CBD and other key active ingredients and removes chlorophyll and other plant material). The tincture has a potency of 250–1500 mg and comes in a 30 or 60 ml bottles. You can get it unflavored or in flavors such as peppermint or Goji Blueberry. PlusCBD sources its hemp from the Netherlands and uses CO2 extraction.

Leafreport gave the oil a thumbs up for being "one of the only CBD companies to achieve the FDA's self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status, which means its CBD hemp extract underwent rigorous scientific studies done by a panel of experts to ensure that it's safe for consumption."

The only downside is the price. At $0.16 per mg of CBD, Plus CBD oil comes in a bit higher than average.

4. CBDistillery

If you're looking for a good quality but affordable CBD, Leafreport recommends CBDistillery. Founded in 2016 by Colorado natives, the company has an egalitarian conceit that "all people have a right to high-quality, fairly priced, U.S. grown, hemp-derived CBD products." The result is products full-spectrum and THC-free CBD oils at low prices. How low? We're talking $0.06 per mg of CBD, with even lower prices when you purchase the higher CBD strength options.

CBDistilleary oils are available in five potencies and contain MCT oil. They're sold in 30 ml bottles and cost from $20 to $240. The downsides: The company does not offer flavored tincture options and is not USDA-certified organic.

5. Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is probably the closest the CBD industry has to a household name. Founded by the Stanley Brothers, the company brought CBD to the forefront of healthcare, famously helping a little girl named Charlotte Gigi find relief from her seizures. They have since grown their company to a multimillion-dollar empire.

Leafreport gives them props for testing the soil and water used in hemp cultivation to make sure they're free of contaminants. They then provide comprehensive third-party testing reports of its products on its website. "Thanks to its strong reputation and quality standards, it's one of the few CBD brands to be certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority," says Leafreport.

Drawbacks include offering only one CBD isolate option. Also, the company does not share third-party test results unless you purchase their products.

Still, for the most reputable and trusted name out there, Charlotte's Web is your best bet.

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