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A New CBD Pillow Promises To Deliver A Healthy Dose Of Sleep

The pillow releases microdoses of CBD while you get some shut-eye. Does it work?


Sleep is a multi-billion-dollar industry, as an increasingly anxious population continually look for safe and effective ways to help them get a good night’s rest. Although the research is still in its infancy, CBD has been shown to be a sleep aid for its calming effect on the central nervous system. A good pillow has also been shown to help improve the quality of your sleep

CBD Pillow

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A company called CBD Pillow is seeking to marry the two with their new product. The pillow uses encapsulation technology to allow the skin to absorb CBD while you sleep. It sounds a bit bizarre, but the pillow won an award as the Most Innovative CBD Product at this year’s USA CBD Expo. We talked to co-founder Michelle Murtha about how the CBD Pillow came to be and how it works.

Origin story

“Company CEO Michael Hughes has been in the sleep industry for a long time. His father had Parkinson's Disease, so he was always looking for a new and innovative way to help him sleep through the night. Though Hughes' past work, he was familiar with microencapsulation technology, which has been used to embed different scents into textiles, like a lavender-scented bathrobe. At the same time, everyone was raving about the effects of CBD and sleep. When CBD first became legalized, he decided to marry the two and came up with the idea of making a CBD pillow. It's a gel memory foam pillow. It keeps you cool and has adjustable firmness. 

How the CBD Pillow works

“It’s a pressure-sensitive technology. When you apply pressure to the fabric, the microcapsules burst and release the CBD. At that point, it’s almost like a topical. The CBD absorbs into your skin and your hair follicles at night while you sleep. The CBD is embedded onto the fabric on the outside of the pillow. It lasts anywhere from three to six months. The pillow itself has a 10-year warranty. We recommend that you replace the pillowcase every three to six months to sort of refresh the dose of CBD on the pillow."

Biggest challenges they face

There's a whole generation out there who think that CBD is the equivalent to doing drugs. I have a mother who would certainly benefit from the effects of CBD. She's 79 years old and has arthritis but she's quite frankly afraid to try CBD. Many people are afraid to try it, and they're hesitant to take an ingestible or even to rub cream on their bodies. Our product is sort of a less intrusive way of giving people the ability to try CBD. We wanted to launch with an overabundance of information available on our website to really give the customer the tools that they need to do the research, see the evidence for themselves, see that this product actually works. On our website, you can find which farms we source from and our lab testing results.

Sounds good, but does it really work?

"Anytime that you have a new distribution method, you're going to have people that are a little skeptical. That's why we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee with free shipping. Everyone has the opportunity to try out the pillow and see for themselves. If it's not a good fit, you get your money back. Right before COVID-19 hit, we were in talks with Stanford University to start some clinical sleep trials. Unfortunately, everything is kind of put on hold for now. But before we launched, we gave the pillows to a whole segment of customers and had them try it out for a week and then come in and we talked to them. We gathered the research and the information that we needed to launch."

How they're marketing

"Lots of word of mouth right now and a lot of press coverage. We have also been running Facebook ads."

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