5 Ways To Have The Perfect Staycation With CBD

Travel not an option? You can maximize relaxation and decrease stress at home with the proper CBD routine.

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With travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders still in place, it has left many of us forgoing our summer travel plans. Even though we’re confined to our personal spaces, we still deserve a well-earned break from all of our hard work. 


A staycation might not sound as exotic as your previously planned trip to a spa in Bali but it was the great Albert Einstein that said: “Reality is merely an illusion”. Lucky for us, we have plenty of products available at the click of a checkout button that can activate relaxation like never before. 

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Many studies have found CBD products to be an option for managing stress, sleep disorders, and even inflammation, which makes them a great addition to your staycation. If you’re looking to make the best of it, here are some suggestions on how to have the perfect staycation with CBD products.

1. Set the mood.

Many of us are working and playing from home right now, which makes it even harder to separate your mind from work, the news, and anything else that could be stressing you out. Make sure you take the time to create a space that feels out of the ordinary. Light candles, move around the furniture, get the lighting right, create a cozy space, find the right playlist, and delete that work email app. 

2. Grab a CBD cocktail or mocktail.

Maybe you know somewhere local that is offering some to-go cocktails or you choose to try out a new recipe at home. While CBD contains less than .3% THC, and therefore will not get you high, adding a CBD cocktail into the mix can still deliver some of the non-psychoactive benefits of THC—a little relaxation of the body and mind.

3. Try a CBD bath bomb.

Your at-home bathtub might not quite compare to the spa house at your Bali retreat, but CBD bath bombs have key ingredients that when compared to traditional bath bombs, can help stabilize your mood by releasing happy hormones that allow the mind to relax and reduce sore muscles and provide various skincare benefits.

4. Wear a CBD face mask.

CBD has potent anti-inflammatory and calming effects that can benefit your skin which makes CBD face masks a great alternative over traditional spa masks.  As an added bonus, some studies have found CBD to reduce excessive oil production, resulting in smooth, redness-free skin and act to regenerate your cells giving your skin a breath of fresh air. 

5. Don’t forget the CBD relief cream.

The at-home workouts and added stress of the world around us don’t come without the addition of inflammation. The compounds in reputable CBD muscle and joint creams can absorb through the skin and target sore muscles fast adding sweet relief to both muscles and joints. Maybe even Amazon Prime an at-home massager for an experience closer to a masseuse. 

When it comes to all the above points, make sure you do your research to find premium products. The CBD market is booming, and some brands might make false claims when it comes to the validity of their ingredients, formulations, and sourcing. 

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A trusted CBD brand will always be transparent, show their lab results and ingredient lists directly on their website and be upfront about certifications such as whether they are Farm Bill Compliant or certified organic. Check out this guide for more suggestions on what you need to know when shopping for CBD. 

Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we shouldn’t kick back and relax every once in a while. Next time you’re in need of a break from reality, consider taking a CBD staycation to help relax, manage stress, and reduce inflammation.