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Here Are The Top 5 Cannabis and CBD Subscription Boxes

The cannabis world, on your doorstep. Get to know the best subscription boxes for CBD and cannabis consumers.

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The future of cannabis comes in a convenient box, delivered to your doorstep.

Liz Whiting/Daily High Club
A box of goodies from the Daily High Club's subscription box for July 2020.

If you're like me and you don't want to leave your home, still, delivery convenience is hard to beat. Subscription boxes offer the consumer a set-it-and-forget-it mode of purchase. It makes the box's monthly arrival feel like a gift from your past self. Subscription boxes include cannabis offerings, CBD wellness items, and ancillary necessities like pipes, lighters, papers, among other essentials.

Cannabis subscription boxes are a game-changer. Long before a post-COVID world where consumers have grown a newfound reliance on delivery, these boxes were bringing goods to the community across the country. 

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Entrepreneurs innovating in the space include the owner of Daily High Club Harrison Baum, who spoke with Green Entrepreneur on the CBD Saturday Farmers Market podcast episode. We also welcome newcomers Nugg Club, which is the first cannabis delivery box that is legally allowed to drive you THC-infused products (in its delivery-legal marketplace of California). 

Here are 5 of the top CBD and cannabis subscription boxes.

1. Daily High Club

Daily High Club is the most beloved subscription on the list, and its monthly boxes are always a delight. The custom glass surprise each month is worth the accessible subscription cost alone. Known for their artistic glass, past favorites include a Grenade, Juice Box, Honey Bear, a classic 90's cup, and the list goes on. Daily High Club's 2020 July box offers a Sip-N-Rip glass piece that echoes a 7-11 Slurpee. Custom glass is especially cool when made in collaboration with cannabis celebrities. Tommy Chong, Waka Flocka, B-Real, influencer MacDizzle, and more have worked with the company. Other headshop essentials like papers, wicks, and blunt wraps, are available through this delivery service.

2. Dream Box from MyJane

A new CBD-focused box on the market from the folks at MyJane offers a chance to dip your toe into the wonderful world of CBD luxury beauty and wellness. It is nice to try out some products and brands you may not have found without the subscription, which is what makes the Dream Box such a gem. Items in the Dream Box include a CBD bath bomb from the one-and-only Kush Queen, Lucent Botanicals sleep CBD mints, CannaFloria Essentials sleep scent pouch for relaxation, and more. Better yet, a proceed of its sales is dedicated to International Sanctuary which helps to empower women survivors of human trafficking.

3. Hippie Butler

The name says it all. Hippie Butler is another online headshop offering with a subscription box that is highly customizable. Pun intended. This popular accessory and online smoke shop offers bundles on its massive amount of products including pipes, papers, and rig accessories, depending on what needs the consumer has each month. Certain boxes you can subscribe to include The Roller's Club, The Masters Club, and the exceedingly brilliant Party Favor, which is all your papers for just $1 a month.

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4. Budzy Box

There's a new CBD subscription box on the market, and at $58.99 per month, it is simple, easy, doorstep-delivered CBD luxury. Focusing specifically on products for women, Budzy's offerings have included CBD oil from Make & Mary, CBD facial sheet masks from Winged, Kiskanu CBD intimacy oil, and more. Budzy offers free shipping and its products will aim to spoil each consumer with "pure, elevated indulgence." Its founder Betty curates the boxes with a team that specializes in a different niche: lifestyle, snacks, teas, creams, oils, face masks, and beauty. 

5. Nugg Club

This one has to be on the list because it offers something very unique. Nugg Clubb drives its subscribers a curated box of real cannabis products, THC and all. Truly the future. Consumers will love Nugg Club for a few reasons. Products inside these boxes range from popular California cannabis brands like Higgs prerolls, Beboe, Select, Stone Road, Terra, Korova, Sonder, and more, but the boxes are curated especially to your needs. The company will decide what you'd love to imbibe following a quiz. The cannabis brands within are going to be catered to your mode and desires if you prefer vapes or prerolls, edibles, etc. The products are valued at over $225, but available for $99 per box through Nugg Club. This box is only found in California, so far, but pray to the cannabis universe that it becomes available in other marketplaces as delivery is becoming more widespread and accessible.