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Surrounded by Workaholics? How to Retune Your Company Culture

"Work smarter, not harder." Insecure overachieving may be hurting your business.

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Running a business can feel like running a marathon. With rapidly evolving markets, an entrepreneur must continually anticipate how to offer their users a better product or service. But if you forget to pace yourself, you can slide down the slope to becoming a workaholic. 

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You might be thinking: "But the most successful companies are fueled by workaholics!" Just take Tesla. In 2018, Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted to pulling 120-hour work weeks. Published company-wide emails sent by Musk reveal that he encourages employees to match his level of hustle. As one employee put it, the happiest Tesla employees are self-described workaholics who want to work 70-plus hours a week. Employees are even known to sleep at HQ on occasion.

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