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How To Save Money And Feel Better On National CBD Day

Explore various options for celebrating National CBD Day with these exclusive discount codes.

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This August 8th, 2020, marks the third annual celebration of National CBD Day. Some of you might be rolling your eyes, wondering why this day of recognition exists at all. Isn't it just an excuse to sell more products? But for others, a day like this—chock-full of opportunities to snag discounts on a product that makes them feel good— couldn't come soon enough.

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I'm talking about people like my sister. Due to the pandemic, she was forced to work from home with her toddler for several months who (in the peak of his terrible 2's) constantly needed her attention. Her local daycare center was understaffed due to COVID-19, and her husband is currently deployed overseas. It's no wonder why I suddenly started getting texts from sis, asking about these CBD products that I had given her years ago.

Even if you're not at home on a conference call with Baby Shark playing on repeat in the background, there's a solid chance that you've got a case of the pandemic blues. It takes a toll on your body in a multitude of ways.

Mary Biles, author of The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD Oil, claims that feeling a bit "corona-crazy" could impact your endocannabinoid system. "Chronic stress is known to impair the endocannabinoid system (ECS), making us more vulnerable to illness, both mental and physical," Biles wrote in a recent Project CBD article on the topic. I'm sure we can all agree that being more vulnerable to illness is the last thing any of us need right now.

There are several ways to restore your ECS, and since this unique system is made of receptors for cannabinoids, consuming the cannabis or hemp plant is an ideal course of action. Luckily, there are plenty of consumption methods, innovative technologies, and discount codes to make your ECS happy again. Here are a few ways to turn that frown upside down.

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Find your tribe, then subscribe.

You've probably seen a friend post on social media within the past year, asking for advice regarding CBD products to try. With so many options on the market and lack of education, it's difficult for consumers to know which brand is reliable—and which brand is just trying to steal their money.

"Today, the cannabis and hemp supplement market is jam-packed with new players, making it even harder to identify the facts from fiction," says Anna Addison, CEO of Advocates for Cannabis (A.F.C.). "In order to help consumers avoid the pitfalls of online shopping, we need to educate them about the roles that seed genetics, organic agriculture, whole-plant full-spectrum, clean extraction and third-party testing play in overall product quality and safety."

Educating yourself is a major part of finding your tribe. A.F.C. has several educational blogs to help consumers understand how to identify quality products. An educational platform called The Full Spectrum Revolution is also a great resource for product reviews and informative blogs about cannabinoids and full spectrum compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, aldehydes, ketones, and beyond.

There's a lot of resources out there for education, but if you're brand new to this world, it can be a bit overwhelming. For this reason, CBD curious are mostly relying on friends to point them in the right direction. Statistics have shown that 54 percent of CBD consumers take recommendations from friends or family into account when deciding which CBD products to buy.

It's also worth noting that 70 percent of consumers prefer to stick with the same brand consistently. Once you have their attention, you're more likely to keep it. Arbor, a hemp-derived CBD product company in Colorado, takes advantage of this notion by prompting customers to choose between making a one-time purchase or signing up for a monthly subscription. Odds are, if they already know how the product works for them and they use it religiously, then offering a monthly refill would be an easy sell.

"Our lives right now are fairly unpredictable, and it's nearly impossible to plan ahead. Finding solace in the things that haven't changed, like your daily wellness regimen, is one tactic that can get us through this, even if it's something as simple as knowing you can count on your regular monthly refill of CBD," says Michael Scherr, Arbor's CEO.

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Revert to old-school consumption methods

It boggles my mind that tinctures, a relatively ancient medicine delivery technique, are now one of the most common forms of CBD consumption. They're an oldie but a goodie. Some innovative companies have managed to keep tinctures relevant, by formulating products to include familiar nutraceuticals or improving upon basic liposomal delivery technology for increased bioavailability.

One of the biggest issues with CBD is poor bioavailability, which is also a common issue with vitamin D supplements to Zinc. In response to this challenge, you'll regularly see CBD products entering the market claiming to be liposomal or "nano" delivery, implying a bioavailability advantage. Quicksilver Scientific is calling the competition's bluff: the proprietary Quicksilver Delivery System improves upon basic liposomal delivery technology with smaller, more stable, tightly distributed spheres that begin absorbing as soon as they hit your mouth.

Along with their own line of CBD formulas, Quicksilver partnered with Wana Brands to ensure that their jump into the world of tinctures was well-received when launching the Wana Wellness Fast-Acting Tincture line. Powered by Quicksilver Scientific's advanced nanoemulsion technology, these tinctures act within 5-15 minutes and are five times more bioavailable than traditional tinctures.

Another way to please your ECS is through CBD products that leverage amino acids and other herb extracts for an extra boost. For example, Wana's RELAX Fast-Acting Hemp Tincture is supplemented with 5-HTP and a proprietary blend of GABA, L-Theanine, skullcap herb extract, and rose flower oil for relaxation.

Invite CBD's cousins to the party

CBD shares multiple similarities with its minor cannabinoid relatives: CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC, for example. All these compounds have non-psychoactive properties and, according to some experts, can reduce inflammation, help relieve pain, and promote better sleep. As the industry continues to uncover new cannabinoids, CBD chemists and manufacturers are beginning to leverage them to differentiate themselves in a "me too" market. Not to mention, the supply of these cannabinoids has increased, resulting in lower prices for manufacturers.

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One major plus of introducing minor cannabinoids: Unlike CBD and THC, they aren't considered controlled substances in the US. Also, early research suggests that minor cannabinoids could have even more potential in nutrition and wellness than THC and CBD.

One new-to-market company, Crappy's Feel Better, utilizes minor cannabinoids to formulate products to have very specific use-cases. Their new chewable tablets come in three different formulations, leveraging varying cannabinoids for things like hangover relief, social anxiety, and the afternoon grog. Crappy's Hangover Helper tablets include a proprietary blend of Cannabigerol (CBG), CBD, and Cannabinol (CBN) for the weekend warrior who refuses to let a full-time job get in the way of their partying schedule.

"Although slightly more difficult for your body to absorb, minor cannabinoids interact with our ECS receptors better than CBD, and undoubtedly provide an added benefit to our endocannabinoid systems," says Chris Denicola, a chemistry expert and CEO of Crappy's Feel Better. "For hangovers specifically, CBG is great because it's a more powerful anti-inflammatory compared to CBD."

Don't forget about Fido!

Dogs have endocannabinoid systems, too. Our furry friends actually have far more CB1 and CB2 receptors than humans! Even though our dogs probably love the work-from-home trend even more than the rest of us, they aren't immune to our stressed-out vibes. Studies have shown that humans secrete odors that communicate emotions to dogs. This allows them to be uniquely tuned in to how we're feeling. While this totally explains why my dog is such a spaz all the time, it also means we should be keeping Fido's endocannabinoid system in mind during times of stress.

As a pet owner, I've seen it all. From infused peanut butter to chewable tablets and treats, there are many options for making Fido's ECS a happy camper. If your dog is picky about the types of treats you give them, CBD treats could be a toss-up. The most straightforward way is likely to add a tincture to their food, which is exactly what Harvey's All Natural suggests for administering their CBD Elixir for Pets. What's challenging about picking the right CBD product for your pet is that they obviously can't exactly tell you how it makes them feel. It's important to keep tabs on your pet's reaction and change in mood here. Also, before spending an arm and a leg on something you aren't sure about, first focus on trying products with positive customer reviews, published CoA's and a money-back guarantee in case your pup won't go near it.

Although today's market is oversaturated, miscommunicated, and often misunderstood, CBD offers potential solutions to the emotional and physical turmoil that is 2020. Although it can't solve everything, at least our ECS will be happy, and that in and of itself is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

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