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How Cannabis Sparks Phish's Creative Process

Phish lyricist, keyboardist, and singer Tom Marshall opens up about how his cannabis use has changed over the years, and why it provides him a front-row seat to creativity and living in the moment.

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If a private school in Princeton doesn't appear as the most obvious settings to form one of the world's most popular bands beloved by cannabis consumers everywhere, you may want to think again. It all started when a young Tom Marshall met Trey Anastasio as a classmate at the Princeton Day School in New Jersey. The two 8th graders instantly hit it off as friends and noticed they each had a way with words and a musical approach that complemented one another. They gathered to jam in between classes, and soon became the musical talk of the town, or at least the local house party. Now that band is Phish, with over 300 songs, 25 albums, and 1600 live shows with a unique setlist, thanks to a combination of good chemistry—and great weed.

RJ Bee

Phish's Food

On the latest episode of Wana Brand's new podcast, Enhance Your Life, Tom dives more into how cannabis enhances his connection to music. The episode also features RJ Bee, who started as an avid Phish fan trading their live tapes and is now the co-founder and owner with Marshall of the podcast network and entertainment company Osiris Media, producing a slew of 420 friendly shows on the roster curated for passionate fans.

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Tom shares the connection between cannabis and his ability to experience music from a holistic yet finely detailed perspective. "It helps me unravel what's going on. I hear stuff better, I hear the layers a lot better, and I also marvel more at the artistry of it. It opens the side of my brain that allows me to be more impressed than I am."

In the episode, both Tom and RJ say they have found the perfect personal dosage for their cannabis use, with a lot of trial and error over the years, thanks to modern-day advancements in science and product development. When RJ was asked why the 420 experience seems to fit so well with the Phish culture he said, "Going to a Phish show is an adventure, and every single time it's different. And when you are high, adventure is awesome. That is part of the experience."

Until we can join in person at a live Phish show, we luckily have a massive catalog of music (and now a growing number of podcasts) to pass the time, including their latest album, Sigma Oasis, available in stores now.

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