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Why Using A Weed Grinder Is An Absolute Must

You don't need grinders to smoke marijuana, but you should still use one anyway. You can thank us later.

This story originally appeared on The Fresh Toast

Marijuana flower is easily malleable. Once it’s cut down to small pieces, it can be added to bongs, pipes, rolling papers and all sorts of recipes for sweet and savory dishes. A lot of people think that once they have the weed, they’re all set to get high, which is true. Still, the more people smoke and learn, the more likely it is for them to look for better ways of consuming marijuana. A good grinder is a key component.

VasilevKirill/Getty Images via The Fresh Toast

Grinders are tools that are sometimes considered unnecessary, ignored by amateur marijuana consumers. People can split their weed into functioning chunks by using scissors, their fingers, a quarter, and more. While all of these methods get the job done, the end result, whether it’s in a joint, a bong, or an edible, might taste strong and harsh, with the marijuana bits burning out unevenly or clumping together for that strong weedy flavor.

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Marijuana grinders, even when some wear and tear has set in, chop weed evenly and create a kind of fluffy powder that’s easy to carry and handle. These devices also limit the amount of times you touch the weed with your hands, a process that contaminates the weed and robs it of its trichomes, which are the particles responsible for providing marijuana with its aroma and some therapeutic benefits.

While there are issues with over grinding weed, the majority of times the use of a grinder will result in more pleasant, manageable and even highs. When marijuana is properly cut, it allows for some airflow, which in turn allows for the marijuana to burn evenly. Most common grinders also have a bottom compartment, where the ‘kief’ is stored. This powder contains a bunch of cannabinoids that can be repurposed for extra strong joints, preparing hash and more.

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Grinders are also cost effective. While a good grinder can cost over $100, with different compartments that grind, separate pollen and leave you with super clean weed, there are also cheaper options that get the work done. All decent grinders ensure that the amount of money you spend on weed doesn’t go to waste when it’s poorly cut.

Grinders make for a better cannabis experience, reducing mess and making it easier to clean up and making the most out of your weed. Using one is a no-brainer.