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5 Meaningful Reasons To Buy Legacy and Social Equity Weed Brands

By putting money in the hands of the people who got us here, the whole industry prospers.

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Want to cut through all the noise and do something that will help legacy growers, black-owned cannabis companies, and social equity licensees? Buy some of your cannabis from these businesses and go around inept politicians who cannot help these communities despite the best intentions. You will not only feel a euphoric sense of civic duty by righting the wrongs of the past, but you will also have an excellent cannabis purchasing experience. There are countless reasons to support these companies, but here are my top five:

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1. Your purchase has meaning.

When you support progressive companies, you activate your money for justice, putting it into the hands of people who have endured 100 years of prohibition. You are betting on the underdog, and you are activating their sense of belonging and hope. You are making the dreams of people who have struggled for generations to come true in the legal cannabis market. This is an act beyond a transaction. This is an act of real meaning for real people. 

2. The cannabis is good quality.

I have found that most of these companies have a strong relationship to cannabis as an agent of healing and hope. The brands' origin stories often involve using cannabis to overcome trauma, heal families, manage PTSD, or any number of other things that bond them to the plant. People of color and legacy folks have been growing and trading cannabis for a long time. They understand what high-quality cannabis is and take pride in that knowledge. They also won't sell you anything they won't consume themselves. That means the weed you buy from them is good weed. It pops. It gets your attention. It makes you want more, and it creates a fun experience for end-users.

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3. You're righting the wrongs of prohibition.

When you buy weed from people of color or legacy growers, you participate in an authentic act of social change that has a purpose beyond just consuming. You are uplifting your neighbors and communities that have been harmed by the war on weed. This is not an act of being a savior; it's merely using transactions to create positive change in your immediate community. These entrepreneurs don't need you to save them; they just need a fair shot. They will do the rest. 

4. You're leveling the playing field. 

We all want a cannabis ecosystem that demonstrates balance and equality—to the extent that human beings are capable of it. That means large, medium, and small businesses are all thriving. And it also means that legacy operators and people of color have their shot. It’s one thing to root for small companies, but another to give them your hard-earned dollars. It’s sometimes hard to find these companies. They are small. They don’t have a lot of marketing dollars to spend. Consumers must put in some effort to find and discover them, but they are there, and they are worth the search. Plus, without your support, these operators cannot compete with the larger players, which hurts everyone—especially the consumer. The quality of your weed goes down, the price goes up, and the customer service vanishes. 

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5. It's just fun.

Finding these companies and products pays off with gratifying knowledge of lending a helping hand and joyful experience of high-quality weed. So I challenge you as a cannabis consumer, take the extra time and seek out these organizations, brands, companies, and people. The way you will feel from doing so will have you coming back time and time again. In turn, this will sustain a cannabis ecosystem that is diverse and has a place for all communities to prosper.