The Definitive Guide To Juicing Cannabis

As people continue to experiment with cannabis in food, here are the in's and out's of juicing with weed.
The Definitive Guide To Juicing Cannabis
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Is cannabis the new kale? There’s no question, fresh cannabis leaves are nutrient-dense and packed full of incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, all without the psychoactive high.

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Here are a few pro tips on how to juice your cannabis greens:

• Clean Green: Like any juicing protocol, it’s important to get good, clean produce so I got my hands on some Monster Cookies leaves from Skunk Factory.

• Stay Fresh: These luscious leaves will wilt quickly if not preserved correctly. I like to wash the leaves with cold water and keep them in sealed, airtight containers with damp paper towels laid on top. They should last for about a week in the fridge this way.

• Real Raw: Raw cannabis contains THCA which is a cannabis compound with anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and anti-emetic properties without the psychoactive high. Please note, once heated, THCA turns into THC!

• Be Generous: I’ll use more or less depending on whether I’m making juice or a smoothie. I average about 10 large leaves per serving. You can juice the raw buds and small leaves as well!

• Mix it Up: The flavor possibilities are endless. I’m really into pineapple in my smoothies–the sweet acidity of the pineapple juice is great with the mild peppery taste of the cannabis leaves. Fresh is best but if you only have access to canned pineapple, that works as well. Ginger also adds a fiery kick!

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Feelin’ FineApple Smoothie

Serves 1

• ¼ pineapple – cubed

• 1 apple – cored, quartered
• 1 thumb ginger
• Handful of mint leaves
• 10 cannabis fan leaves
• ¼ cup coconut water
• 5 ice cubes  


1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and no fruit chunks are left.

2. Garnish with a cannabis leaf and serve immediately.

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