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3 Ways Affiliate Marketing And PR Can Grow Your CBD and Hemp Business

Are these part of your overall marketing efforts?

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Affiliate marketing mixed with public relations is a powerful tool to help promote cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp brands.

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What exactly is affiliate marketing/PR? Think of it as a valuable way for affiliate publishers, influencers, and partners to earn money online with little to no financial investment or technology expertise. As PR consultants, we have found that CBD and hemp brands that use this type of marketing see the potential for immense growth and sales.

Here are three things you need to know before getting started.

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1. CBD and hemp make good copy.

Many media articles highlight CBD for anxiety relief. For good reason—millions of people turn to CBD for help to relieve stress.

An August 2019 Gallup survey revealed that 14 percent of Americans say they use CBD products. The survey also found that 40 percent of users utilize CBD products for pain, 20 percent for anxiety, and 11 percent for sleep.

According to the CDC, some people are more apt to experience stress resulting from the current pandemic crisis and are likely to look for articles related to anxiety and CBD. These readers include essential workers, those at higher risk for severe illness, or people in various racial and ethnic minority groups.

Many publishers and influencers feature affiliate brands in their articles, which can generate additional revenue for these brands.

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2. PR can help you activate your affiliate strategy.

When used with PR, CBD, and hemp affiliate marketing can be incredibly effective. Here's what we mean.

PR professionals know how to build and maintain relationships with shopping or commerce editors and writers. They can find affiliate publishers that will work well with a brand. They create press assets and story ideas to make the CBD or hemp brand attractive to these editors, writers, and publishers. PR pros continue to monitor affiliate programs, make relationships stronger with top-performing affiliate partners, and continually reach out to new media.

With PR in the mix, comprehensive strategies can include looking to future campaigns, utilizing editorial calendars, knowing ideal holidays to pitch media, and enhancing press collateral for use in these stories.

For example, publishers and influencers are continually working on holiday gift guides, whether it's Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving), Black Friday, Christmas, and other notable holidays in November and December. These are key holidays when CBD and hemp brands can leverage to be featured in gift guides.

3. Researching the space goes a long way.

There are various affiliate programs out there, so CBD and hemp brands should take the time to research and identify those that best align with their business needs and goals.

Brands simply need to decide commission payouts to publishers and influencers. The more enticing the commission percentage, the better chance they will have to get featured in top-tier media outlets.

They should know to offer great deals, know the competition, and make sure to work with a PR agency that understands the fine logistics and extensive media relationships that go into a successful affiliate marketing/PR campaign.

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