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Is Your Vape Broken? This Is How To Find Out

Educate yourselves on how vape pens work.

This story originally appeared on Daily Marijuana Observer

The market for vape products has boomed lately and there are now many brands of vaporizers on the market. It must be said that even the best quality vapes suffer from wear and tear, and sometimes you’ll get a surprise when you try to draw and it doesn’t work. You might also find it starts spitting and making strange noises – these are common faults with vaporizers. It is often the case the user will simply lay out the cash and buy a new one. Is that necessary?

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It might be possible that there’s a simple fix. Have you kept the user manual? If not, see if you can download one for your model from the manufacturer website, as that may have troubleshooting advice for the very problem your vaporizer is displaying. Google is also your friend right now; try running a search for the problem with the make and model – you’ll be surprised how many forums and blogs there are that talk about the problem you’re trying to fix!

Before we go on to talk about the common problems, we should say that when you are buying your vape products it is important that you find a reputable vaporizer retailer that offers sensible warranties and acts on them such as Vape4Ever who have a reputation for excellent customer service. So, those common vaporizer problems; let’s have a look at them!

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Cartridge not working

The most common fault with vape devices is that the unit itself simply does not work. This is often down to the connectors to the battery being worn or misplaced. These are tiny connectors that, with even a slight movement, can fail to make the connection needed to power the vaporizer. Try moving the connectors a touch with a small implement – either a tiny screwdriver of the type used for spectacles or a straightened paper clip – and also the battery and see if you can get them to move enough to connect. You might get a bit more life out of your vaporizer at no cost with this trick!

Battery not lasting the usual duration

The battery in your vape device is hard-working, but it’s not going to last forever. It can be recharged so many times and then will start wearing out. You’ll see the warning light flashing more regularly and sooner than you expected – a sign the battery needs recharging – and this is when you need to replace the battery. It’s not expensive and the routine to replace should be in the manufacturer handbook or you can find it online. That’s got to be cheaper than buying a new vaporizer!

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Odd noises

You will be accustomed to the noises your vape device makes, so what is happening when you start to hear unusual noises that you’re not familiar with? Some of these can be warning sounds that are built in to the device to tell you that it needs maintenance, but others can be a sign of failure or caused by the user. For example, if you draw to quickly you may hear a whistling sound from the device, and the vigour of the draw is the cause. If the device begins to spit or hiss when in use, it’s likely that routine maintenance is required, so refer to the manufacturer instructions on cleaning your vape pen. It won’t be difficult, and again, it won’t cost you any money!

App problems

If your vaporizer has an accompanying app, then you may experience problems connecting via Bluetooth on occasions. These apps can be useful, but sometimes the device simply won’t pair with the phone. This is usually a problem caused by updates that have not been installed, so check with your app provider and see if there is something new you need to add. If you are an iPhone user there’s an additional problem: Apple took a decision not to allow vaping apps on the App Store, so you’re stuck with your old version I’m afraid! 

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Other possible problems

The fact that a vaporizer has few or no moving parts means it is a reliable device, but you can take it for granted at some point during your vaping experience you will come across problems. The above are the usual culprits and, as we have shown, can generally be attended to quite easily. If you do have a problem and cannot determine the cause, it’s advisable to take it to the supplier and see if they can help. This is further reason why ensuring the supplier you choose has a reputation for quality service and warranties that it stands by.