Can Cannabis Withdrawal Be Really Hard?

Night sweats, day jitters, and the need for weed all pass in a matter of days to a week or so if you experience them at all.
Can Cannabis Withdrawal Be Really Hard?
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If you search the internet for “cannabis withdrawal,” you’ll find a few helpful articles from cannabis sites acknowledging cravings, short lived mood swings and trouble sleeping. But mostly you’ll find drug war propaganda that suggests treatment options that can be as severe as physically checking into rehab.

Most cannabis users have had to quit for a period at some time or another in life. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes weeks or even months. Maybe a job came along that conducts hair sample tests, maybe you’re vacationing in a non-cannabis friendly place, perhaps it’s probation or a detox of some sort.

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Whatever the reason for quitting, there are reasonable ways to combat any cannabis withdrawal related symptoms. The most common report is that sleep doesn’t come as easily, and when it does, the dreams are super vivid (not to mention a little sweaty). One way to have a restful night’s sleep is to take melatonin prior to bedtime. It’s an all-natural sleep aid that also works well with cannabis for when you’re back on the horse.

Exercise is a great way to get anything off your mind, even a sticky, icky bowl of dankness going unsmoked. So if you’re in it for the long run, a gym membership isn’t a bad idea. However, the concept of exercise brings to the forefront an important point: Cannabis withdrawal isn’t what you’re necessarily concerned about if using cannabis medicinally; the return of your ailment’s symptoms, however, is a different story.

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In the case of medicinal users, especially those for whom cannabis has been a lifesaver and continues to be one, heavy consideration should be taken before a decision is made regarding an extended break. Talk to your doctor if they’re of the supportive mindset and see if you can’t get a letter explaining that it is your medicine and absolutely crucial. It won’t always get you out of a jam, but it’s worth a shot. Weigh your options and seek alternatives before quitting cold turkey.

Night sweats, day jitters, and the need for weed all pass in a matter of days to a week or so if you experience them at all. Cannabis isn’t the kind of drug that makes someone go out and rob and steal to get more, at least not culturally or anecdotally. So don’t go switching to something that might lead you down the wrong path as a substitute. Have a cup of your favorite tea and wait for any symptoms to go by the wayside.

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