The Success Habits of QB and CBD Entrepreneur Carson Palmer

The Pro Bowler used to study tapes of defenses for hours, now he studies his business competition.
The Success Habits of QB and CBD Entrepreneur Carson Palmer
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Former NFL Pro-Bowler Carson Palmer is the latest high-profile pro athlete to get into the CBD game. Palmer won the Heiman trophy winner in 2002 and went on to spend15 seasons as an elite quarterback.

Recently, Palmer partnered with CBD brand Level Select as an investor and spokesperson, making him the latest pro athlete to jump on the CBD train. The former QB never expected to be part of a CBD company, but a chance meeting with Erick Dickens, CEO and Co-Founder, Kadenwood, LLC, on a golf course changed that. 

“He talked to me about how CBD had helped with lingering mobility issues as a result of his knee injury while playing in the NFL," says Dickens.  "His personal experience with CBD and the impact it has had on his ability to regain mobility, continue playing sports like golf, and keep up with his young kids made him a perfect advocate for the Level Select brand."

On this week's Green Entrepreneur podcast, Palmer talks candidly about making the transition from the gridiron to the daily grind. He also shares the success habits he learned on and off the field that still serve him in his new role as an entrepreneur. You'll want to have a pen and paper handy. 

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