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How To Make Your Joints Burn Slower

4 tips to ensure that your weed goes the distance.

This story originally appeared on The Fresh Toast

When it comes to making your weed last and making your highs more enjoyable, proper joint rolling is very important. A good looking joint will likely be packed properly, ensuring no weed goes to waste and there’s an even burn throughout. One of the most difficult factors to control is how the joints burn, something that can save you some weed and help maximize it.

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Rolling your joint slowly and properly will help make it burn more evenly, but the use of other products, like honey or hash oil, will make your joints more special and long-lasting. Here are a few tips that can help you roll joints that burn slower.

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1. Use the right weed.

Marijuana works best when properly stored, no matter how it’s going to be used. While most people keep it in the baggie in which they bought it in, glass containers make for the best weed storage option, especially if they’re air tight.

Place this container somewhere where there’s no direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Another factor that can contribute to how slow your joints burn is for the weed to be properly ground; for example, large pieces of weed are more difficult to burn evenly and can taste poorly. Grind your cannabis properly before rolling it, ensuring that all pieces are similar in shape. The weed should be finely ground yet it shouldn’t be a powder. Cannabis Pro-Tips: 8 Ways To Properly Store Marijuana For Freshness.

2. Use good rolling paper.

The thinner the rolling paper, the slower it’ll burn. Purchase thin or ultra thin paper, preferably made out of hemp. These papers tend to burn slower and result in a more pleasant and healthy overall experience. Here are 5 Rolling Papers To Fit Every Type Of Marijuana Consumption.

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3. Use honey or hash oil.

If you have hash oil on hand, adding it evenly along the inside of the joint will help your joint burn evenly and it’ll also give you a stronger high. Since the oil is thick, it’ll slow down the burn rate of your joint. The oil will also make you much higher, so it’s likely that you won’t smoke as much.

If you want to add something to your joint that doesn’t change your high, you can also coat the outer part of the joint in honey. The honey serves as a sticking agent that ensures your joint won’t unwrap as you smoke it while also slowing down the burn. It also tastes great.

4. Make sure your joint is packed tightly.

While your joint should never feel and look rigid, it should be packed tightly, since less airflow results in a slower and more even burn. In order for your joint to be tight, taking your time prepping it and packing it. When the cannabis is sprinkled in your joint, rub the two sides of the rolling paper back and forth several times. This will make it more likely for your joint to retain the shape it’s meant to have and that there’s the proper amount of air flow.