NBA's Paul Pierce Is Being Sued by His Grower

In the suit, grow house builder Kenneth Johnson claims Pierce refused to pay him his promised $10,000 monthly rate.
NBA's Paul Pierce Is Being Sued by His Grower
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TMZ reports that a former grower is suing NBA legend Paul Pierce for stiffing him on money owed. 

In the suit, master grower Kenneth Johnson claims that back in 2016, Pierce hired him to "design and develop a warehouse to cultivate cannabis from inception to completion." Johnson says that Pierce agreed to give him $10,000 a month for the job, but Pierce cut his rate to $4,000, saying he couldn't pay the full rate until after the product was sold. In Nov. 2019, Johnson left the company, claiming Pierce owed him more than $42k in back pay. 

Pierce runs a CBD company.

Pierce, one of the most celebrated Boston Celtics ever, is a high-profile part of a growing number of former professional athletes who have entered the cannabis industry after their athletic careers. He is the co-founder and CEO of The Truth CBD Remedies and the Vesper One vape. In an interview with Green Entrepreneur last year, Pierce described how CBD helped him cope with PTSD and depression that ensued after he was stabbed 12 times, leaving a nightclub. 

According to legend, Pierce got his nickname "The Truth" after a game in which he scored 42 points. Shaquille O’Neal, who played for the opposing team the Lakers at the time, told a Boston Herald reporter after the game: “Paul Pierce is the motherf***ing truth." The name stuck.

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So far, there's no word from The Truth on the truth of Johnson's lawsuit.  


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