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We Won't Know Until February Whether or Not Mexico Approves Marijuana Legalization

Due to "errors", "contradictions" and lack of agreement between the Chambers, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice granted an extension to make a decision to federally legalize cannabis.

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If your intention was to spend the holidays legally using marijuana in Mexico, you may need to change your plans. During his morning conference at the National Palace, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that it won't be until February 2021 when the Chamber of Deputies decides whether or not to approve the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis.

On November 19, the Mexican Senate generally approved the ruling to regulate the recreational, industrial and medical use of marijuana . The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) set as a deadline this December 15, 2020 for the deputies to make a final decision. However, the debate was postponed until the next regular period, which begins next February.

Last week, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) authorized a new extension to the Chamber of Deputies for the approval of the opinion on the regulation of the recreational use of marijuana throughout the country. In private session, the Plenary of the highest court of the country decided to grant this new postponement issued to the Legislative Power, after those granted to the Senate, for the discussion of said reform.

López Obrador commented in his 'morning' that the extension is due to lack of time. He also pointed out that "errors" and "contradictions" were found in the law , which must be corrected by the lower house.

"In the ordinary period it will be resolved, I could tell those who are already demanding a definition. There is no opposition to what the Senate authorized on medicinal use, the limited use of marijuana, it is nothing more than a matter of errors, " said the Mexican president.

"We are going to say that they were committed due to lack of precision regarding quantities and others, there cannot be contradictions in the same law," he added.

The president of Mexico explained that there was no time for a timely review of the ruling before the date imposed by the Court. In addition, he pointed out that this ordinary period ended without the Chambers reaching a consensus.

"The cameras did not agree and the period ended, but they are matters of form, I would say, not of substance ," said AMLO. “As there was no time and the Court was already demanding that it be resolved, because it is by orders of the Judicial Power, what the legislators did was request this extension to fix the initiative. But I repeat, not in substance, but in form, and approve ” , he explained.

They plan to replace cannabis and poppy plantations with the program "Sembrando Vida"

At the same conference, President López Obrador announced the expansion of the 'Sembrando Vida' program to replace marijuana and poppy plantations with fruit and timber trees in the state of Guerrero .

The planting program, so far destined for the southeastern states, will give new opportunities to the inhabitants of marginalized areas, said the president.

“I know that many grow poppies because there are no options, alternatives, this in the mountains, in various marginalized communities in Guerrero, in the mountains. They do it out of necessity, ” said the Mexican president. "We are going to go deeper into substituting the planting of marijuana (and) poppies with corn, beans, timber trees, that is the objective of the support program for the countryside."

AMLO commented that the 'Sembrando Vida' program already benefits more than 400 thousand planters throughout the country. They receive monthly support to continue cultivating their plots and avoid resorting to the production of drugs.