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CBD and the Rise of the Wellness Café

With CBD more popular than ever, businesses are finding new ways for consumers to enjoy it.

This story originally appeared on MJObserver

The CBD industry is growing significantly. Whilst CBD cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are already established, the use of CBD in food and beverages is still an emerging area, and primed for rapid growth – with pleasing the palate part of the overall relaxation experience. So how can you make money operating a CBD café – and make sure you stay on the right side of the law at the same time?

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The food industry and CBD

Hemp may be legal across the U.S., but selling hemp-infused food products is not fully allowed. Although federal law has not legalized CBD edibles, many states have introduced local regulations that allow food containing CBD to be legally produced, eaten, and sold. These include Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Vermont, and the District of Colombia, although others have more restrictive laws that still allow for some CBD in food and drink consumables. This change has correlated with the opening of many CBD cafés in the regions where it is legally allowed, and the potential for making money in the CBD hospitality industry is rapidly increasing just as the range of available products are. 

Oregon is often viewed as the birthplace of modern CBD, and it’s no surprise that the first CBD café in the USA to open its doors can be found there. Famous for their CBD-infused chocolate products, they offer a range of CBD-infused drinks too, alongside a tasting room which is popular with customers and allows them to try different products, often finding a favorite that they’ll want to purchase again and again. Finding the right CBD oil is something unique to individual consumers, based on their underlying reasons for exploring CBD as a pain relief, mood-boosting, or stress-relieving option, and so offering an opportunity for customers to try before they buy really makes sense to help drive sales. 

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Benefits of CBD-based business

Medical marijuana is big news and an increasingly used method of pain management and stress relief which gains more and more momentum each day. With the rise in awareness comes a rise in consumers, all of whom have different needs and preferences in relation to the products they’ll use. CBD-infused food offers the option of an experience, rather than just a routine, blending the enjoyment that comes with socializing, discovering new delicious culinary treats, and easily consumed CBD with the benefits to health and mood that other eating adventures simply can’t provide.

More customers translate to more profit, and with high levels of research and innovation meeting higher levels of demand, the cost of producing CBD edibles and stocking and running a CBD café will fall in tandem. Businesses that already operate hospitality venues and events can easily incorporate CBD into existing menus and product lines. In this way, they will boost their sales alongside growing positive encounters with customers. 

As a new business venture, or as an amendment to an existing one, the CBD café industry is an exciting option that’ll provide benefits now and in the future. With a small amount of investment, you can reap the rewards of a natural, legal, and ever-more-popular trend that builds upon thousands of years of human endeavor.