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The 7 Powers That Every Entrepreneur Must Cultivate

From the power of appreciation to the power of communication, learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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From the power of appreciation to the power of communication, learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Here is a compilation of seven powers that every entrepreneur must cultivate to achieve success. Take note.

1. The power of gratitude

Be grateful, it is better to be grateful for what you have and not for what you don't have. Neuroscience has proven that thanking makes you feel happier because it transforms the molecular structure of your brain, increases levels of happiness, directly impacting the central nervous system, making us more resilient and in greater harmony. What will positively and directly benefit the activities that we carry out every day in our company.

2. The power of emotional intelligence

We know that one of the characteristics of a leader is the ability to get their emotions in order. A leader knows that nothing is personal, that what happens with his team depends on him, on the coherence and credibility he has to be followed. Emotional intelligence has a lot to do with the above since if the leader knows how to be assertive, empathetic and congruent, he will have the ability to create cohesive work teams that reach the goals and objectives of our company.

3. The power of the spirit

A successful person is not separated from his spiritual side, on the contrary, he cultivates it. Meditate, do activities that feed your spirit, that will give you vitality, serenity, self-knowledge, security and self-esteem that in turn will be reflected in the results of your company.

4. The power of passion

One day I asked Arturo Elías Ayub what his advice was to undertake and become a successful businesswoman, he replied with a phrase that I have tattooed: "Dedicate yourself to what you really love." If you are passionate about your startup, you will undoubtedly go very far because it is something you dream of and live with, it is not something imposed, it is something that comes from your spirit and heart.

5. The power of wisdom

Read a lot, the vast majority of the things we should know about business and entrepreneurship, you will not see them in the race, you will live them and if great minds can give you their advice through their books, take them and share them. Remember that knowledge was made to be shared and to be in motion, it is useless to know if the knowledge is stuck only in you.

6. The power of communication

Dare to have awkward conversations. Many times we do not dare to approach important people because we feel sadness or insecurity (hence the importance of working in power number two), because we see them so big that we think they would never look at us but that is a lie. Realize that all the people you admire are human beings with the same capabilities as you and if you admire things in them it is because surely you also have them and therefore you resonate with them. Remember the six degrees of separation hypothesis that says that we are all connected to each other by six people. Six people can lead you to the investor you need, the public figure you admire, the ideal partner for your company, the very president of the company you want to reach. Just dare!

7. The power to believe in yourself

This last power hides great strength. It is the power of believing in yourself , if you believe in yourself and in your startup, the successes will come alone; You don't just believe in yourself by thinking about it, but by acting accordingly with what you think, say, and feel. Believe in yourself, take a risk and remember that self-motivation is a lifestyle to be a complete entrepreneur and not die trying.