Marijuana Decriminalization Advances in Mexico's Congress

The San Lázaro Health and Justice commissions approved, in general, the draft of the Federal Law for the regulation of cannabis.
Marijuana Decriminalization Advances in Mexico's Congress
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This Monday, the Health and Justice commissions of the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico approved, in general, the draft of the federal law for the regulation of cannabis that would decriminalize the use of marijuana at the national level.

The Mexican Senate approved the legislation of the plant for recreational, scientific, medical and industrial uses in November 2020. However, the Chamber of Deputies postponed the discussion to have more time to analyze the law and make adjustments.

As reported by El Universal , this Tuesday the plenary will discuss, among other things, five types of licenses related to the cultivation, transformation, sale, research and export or import of marijuana and the licenses that would be needed for products with THC (psychoactive substance of the marijuana) and CBD (cannabidiol).

The proposed law establishes that only people over 18 years of age will be able to grow, carry and consume marijuana. Likewise, it will be allowed to sell cannabis to people and companies in authorized dispensaries.

Mexico has 126 million inhabitants so it would potentially become the largest cannabis market in the world.

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